Creating characters!

I’m not to sure why it happens but I always seem to be a DM rather than a player. I’ve often wondered why this is – probably something to do with my personality. I probably have to mention at this point that I am not a creative person at all – music, painting, drawing are firmly out of my current skillset. DMing probably is my only slightly creative outlet I have. Apart from this, I do like solving problems (which can often happen when interpreting rules) and I like being in control. However, I do wonder what sort of player I would be – hopefully not that one who quotes rules all the time! I do get to create characters because I have a range of NPCs scattered throughout my campaign worlds, some which even make regular appearances which allows me to develop their personalities. However, I rarely get the opportunity to create a character and, because of this, it is probably one aspect of the game which I know the least about. So, in order to remedy this I decided to embark on some character generation. I am currently working on three D&D 5e characters, two which appear here, a half-orc bard, a Dragonborn monk and, one for the future, a tiefling warlock! With the Dragonborn, I actually used the new Roll20 Charactermancer which is currently available for Pro users. Anyway – enjoy!

After the final 5e character, I’m going to tackle Shadowrun and Starfinder – wish me luck!

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