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Creating Content – what I recommend


If you think of making content like me, you might need clarification about what to buy or use.

So, I am sharing with you the top items that I use. I’ve ensured that if there is an update, I have linked that. I only have some up-to-date equipment, but I am sure they will be better than I have.

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First, my iPhone does a beautiful job of capturing both video and images. I have an iPhone 14 Pro. It is pretty chunky – it only fits in my pocket. But the battery life is excellent, and I can use AirDrop to share the media onto my iMac.

I like Sony cameras and bought the original ZV-1 vlogging camera when it first came out. The more up-to-date model is the Sony Alpha EV-E10L. I must take the camera off the tripod to get at the memory card with my version. This has been rectified in the EV-E10L version. The new version also has an interchangeable lens, which is excellent!

The Sony camera is great for filming vertical form content, and I have an excellent mount that I use all the time! This is the Aisnyho Quick Release L Shape Bracket


I have a couple of tripods that I use. The first is desk-mounted, and I use it to get those cinematic videos from my iPhone. The iPhone mount is easy to operate, and my phone is firmly ‘gripped’. I was always worried about my phone falling out of its holder, but this one has been fantastic. This is the ARKON 11 inch Tripod Mount with Phone Holder

The holder is attached to a small tripod with a universal joint at the top that allows me to change the phone’s angle just by pressing a button. This is the Manfrotto MTPIXI-B, PIXI Mini TripodĀ 

My main tripod is a dream – the Victiv 78.7″/ 200cm Camera Tripod

It collapses so well, and the universal head allows me to adjust whatever is on the top, whether a camera or a phone. It is very sturdy and you can mount cameras onto it underneath or even remove one of the legs to just have a single leg tripod.

I’ve been very pleased with it and would probably buy a second just to have multiple cameras attached to them all the time.


These items form my main equipment. There are a few other things that I use, for example lights, but I will write a post about them at a later date.

If you have any questions do like me know and thank you for using any of the affiliate links. 

Happy content creating!

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