I first encountered Call of Cthulhu when it first came out in the first edition box set.

Call of Cthulhu First Edition Box Set

My first engagement with Call of Cthulhu

I have to say that I was heavily into AD&D first edition then and really our gaming style was more based on dice rolls and damage rather than role playing. Indeed I don’t think we did any role playing at all. I do remember spending significant time trying to convert dollars to pounds though!

Starting again…

I had been streaming for some time, mainly SWTOR and WoW before realising that there was a dynamic and active RPG community on Twitch and after finding some players who were interested in playing D&D 5e I did embark once more on the RPG scene. But things had changed from my teenage DMing – I was more interested in story lines and role playing now, rather than the dice and damage. I was so pleased to see that Call of Cthulhu was alive and kicking on Twitch and it was only a matter of time before I had been convinced to start a few CoC sessions on a Thursday evening.

Deciding on the setting…

When ever I start a new gaming system I have this urge to recreate my own world. I love creating the lore and locations, although this does take a significant amount of time. I knew, with CoC that I didn’t want to play in 1920 America – I knew very little of the country and the time period. 1920 England would be more to my liking, but I wanted something different. Deciding not to go for a modern setting, we eventually settled on Victorian Britain utilising the Gaslight supplement. Starting the campaign – I’m sure the session was meant to be a few one off adventures – in 1888, the year that Jack the Ripper started his murders, the players were plunged into the social classed world of London 1888 – with seances, thick fog and carriage chases all possible.

First session…

We did do a session zero to create the characters although I am not too sure how successful this was. But the first ‘real’ session started off well with the characters, Mr Peabody, Mr Webber and Dr King, searching for a missing girl after she attended the strange spiritualist at the Egyptian Hall Theatre. You can catch up with the sessions below…

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