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Well, would you believe that September is nearly at an end and, as the cold weather settles in, ESO tempt us once again with the goodies which will be available in the Crown Store in October! So what, if anything, will I be going for?

Dead-water crafting style


I’ve only got jewellery crafting and enchanting to max out now, but one thing I didn’t realise was that traits have to be researched for each group of items – for example, just because I have infused in weapons, doesn’t mean I have it in armour as well – even if they are both under blacksmithing. Thanks to a viewer, I have a mail box full of items to craft for traits! But what about the crafting motifs? I really like the Dead-Water armour style. When I get my new house, I would love to line the corridors with armour holders displaying all the styles I can create – although I am not sure this is possible. Not having a vendor to sell things on, I suppose it is down to learning it and then using the style to create my own armour in order to look super cool. Just had a thought – wouldn’t it be great to have a guild which all wore the same armour – what a cool look that would be!

Shadowrend Shield

Costumes – no, outfits – yes!

I know this is from last month – but I wanted to blog about it. I must admit, I’m not a collector of costumes, unless they radically change my appearance – although I’m not sure whether becoming a skeleton or zombie is a costume or an outfit – or even neither! If you were watching my stream yesterday, you would know I am excited about the Shadowrend Arms Pack! I spent several hours doing Banish Cells 1, before realising that it only drops in veteran! But I love the shield and the axe, so I will probably definitely buy the set from the crown store! I’ll soon need another job just for crown purchases! I’m not sure about the Grothdarr Arms Pack – some of the weapons look great – although I much prefer big hefty shields than little round ones! The bow does look cool though.

Witches Coven

Housing and furniture

So looking forward to October since we completed 100% of the Summerset event, so I will get my first ever house!! wahoo! Time to move out of the Rosy Lion Inn into bigger accommodation! I’m not sure how I will interact with a house, so although some of the new housing look good – e.g. Hunter’s Glade. As for furniture, I have this desire to try and make some and start to furnish my humble abode. I’m currently not sure how difficult this is to achieve so I might end up buying some of the sets. The Halloween themed one -Sinister Hollowjack Items, looks nice, but only for halloween though and the Witches Coven will look great in a sinister house – maybe the humble hovel!

Colourful Netty

Mounts and Pets

To start off with mounts – you can guess which one I would buy without hesitation – that right – the Shadowghost Guar! Luckily I already have this, so I have more crowns for other purchases. Horses and cats don’t do it for me – so nothing else with the mounts. As for pets – I tend to go for unusual ones which look, different and ugly. I mainly do this because I feel that noone else will buy them and I actually feel sorry for them. I think I have the Jackdaw Daedrat already but quite unusually, I quite like the Cantaloupe Swamp Jelly so I might buy it, if I get enough crowns – maybe I need to start a crown funding page! πŸ™‚

And Polymorphs!

I do like the scarecrow polymorph, but I don’t think I would want to ride around with it on, unless of course it was halloween, then probably everyone would be using it! I think I will give these a miss, prefer to collect styles rather than polymorphs.

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So that’s it, my shopping list completed for October. Some great items available and with Murkmire coming out as a DLC it should be a good month! And what makes it even better is that sometime in October the clocks here in the UK go back one hour as we revert to GMT. So an extra hour playing ESO – who could ask for more!

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