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I have come to the conclusion that I am completely mad! As well as taking on the daily blog challenge I have also decided to create and write two different blog posts for my two blogs – one professional and one content creation!

I’m not going to say which one this is, but hoping you will soon recognise which one it is! Anyway, today’s topic word is ‘inform’ – sheesh, that’s what I was thinking too! – here goes!

Informing you about me

So what I thought I would blog about today was sharing three things about myself. I know the connection is poor at best but I was thinking I would inform you about me!

Rather than tell you about my height, weight and inside leg measurement, I wanted to focus more on attributes or skills which you might see when I am streaming or producing content. 

I consider myself a very determined person. Once I get the bit between my teeth then that’s it, I am on course and ploughing my way through the journey in order to reach the final destination.

But being very determined actually has some negatives as well as positives. I thought I could inform you of these just in case you ever encounter me in real life, rather than through the written word or live streaming/videos

Stubborn as a mule!

The worst thing that anyone can ever say to me is don’t do this or you can’t do this. I’ve actually always been like this. If someone tells me that I can’t do something then that is it. The gloves are off and the challenge is accepted! 

When I was in my teens – which incidentally is a long, long time ago – my mum and my chemistry teacher conspired against me and, after a parent evening, my mum said that my chemistry teacher said I would never pass my O’ Level in the subject! I was furious and pulled out all the stops to pass that exam. I actually got a ‘B’ but full of pride I went to my mum and said, there! told you I could do it. My mum just smiled and said we knew you could we just wanted to ensure that you tried your best! Drat! I had been played!

But this stubbornness is not always beneficial. I am totally committed to my way of thinking and it will often take some sort of interstellar colliding of the planets to get me to change my mind!

Worse than this, if someone offends me or I dislike them, then I can hold a grudge for a lifetime. I just stop communicating with them in every way. I am so stubborn it is unbelievable. I know it is a real negative character trait but I really can’t help it. It is fully established in my psyche and no one or nothing will ever change it – mainly because I don’t think they will let them! Ironical really.

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One of the positives of being determined is that I am highly motivated. I don’t need to be tempted at all. When I want to achieve something then I am on course and will achieve it. I will be so focus that other things will take second place sometimes even food! 

I am rarely motivated by external means. If I want something then that’s it, I will focus and work tirelessly to get it. Added to this, if someone engages my stubbornness as well by saying that I couldn’t do it, then whack! Stand back, I’m coming through!

However, there is something slightly different here if someone plays on this and tries to get me to do something by engaging with my motivation personality. I actually completely refuse to do it and then again my stubbornness kicks in.

It is a fine balance between being motivated and not, but my advice to you all would be to let me motivate myself rather than trying to motivate me!

And finally – productive

One of the advantages of being determined, motivated and stubborn, it will makes me productive! I am working for most of the day and evening, trying to cram so much into my allotted time.

I am very keen on anything which relates to productivity and always trying to achieve the perfect work mode. Working as much as I can within the time I have. This can be anything from completing this daily blog challenge to reaching a certain level within my current MMO. 

It does mean that I have a multitude of projects going at any one time probably too many to be effective at them all. But I enjoy the variety and the challenge of putting everything into place and maintain it.

There does come a time that I am working so hard that my body actually says enough and I ‘zonk’! This basically means that I have to lie down and actually fall instantly asleep for a couple of hours before I awake and start again! It is like I am refreshed like the world in that film when there is an ice age and the world gets frozen and reset! No idea what it is called – answers in the comments?









So hopefully you feel a little more informed about who I am and some of my personal character traits. I’m sure there is more, just search for My Weird Life on this site and you will definitely find more peculiarities of my personae!

Best check what the word is for tomorrow and what else do I need to do today??? oh yes eat!

See ya, bye!

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