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I am getting to the first hurdle or barrier for this daily blog challenge! It is not actually the content that I am struggling with it is the fact that I need to post every single day! Coupled with this is the fact that I actually have two blogs so I am trying to do two blog posts a day as well as working full time and producing content! AAARRRGGGHHH!

I nearly gave up this morning, but rather than throwing in the towel at this early stage I have engaging my problem-solving brain and tried to achieve a way of still completing the challenge, maintaining all my work and still having time to eat and sleep!

I have come to the answer that possibly I might need to write shorter posts!

Wearing a ‘watch’

When I was growing up there was a time when I would use both hands equally. I guess I was sort of ambidextrous at this time, but the old fashion education system didn’t actually allow for individuality and I was soon ‘convinced’ to use my right hand. I do feel, however, that I have managed to maintain some strong use of my left hand and playing the piano over the years has certainly supported this!

When I started to wear a watch, interestingly enough I wore it on my right hand with the face on the inside of my wrist. I always remember thinking that if I was holding a glass in my right hand and someone asked for the time, I would pour the liquid over them rather than myself! But with the dawn of the mobile phone, I stopped wearing a watch in favour of checking my phone for the time. This was until my favourite gadget ever came into existence!

I’m a real gadget freak. I like to ensure that I have all the correct gear to ensure that my life is very productive and everything works in harmony with each other. So once a few series of the Apple watch had emerged, I never ever buy the first version of anything, I went down and bought would without a second thought. It now is almost permanently attached to my left wrist facing the world!

I use my watch for everything, probably least of all telling the time! It alerts me to messages, it informs me of events that are about to happen, it measures my heart rate, counts my steps and even unlocks from iMac. It short it is like my personal assistant and one piece of technology which I certainly could not be without!


Who would have thought a simple timekeeping device would evolve into something that I rely on every day and something that I would certainly feel naked not having on my wrist!

Do you have a favourite watch? Is it an heirloom or a piece of trusted technology? Do you prefer the digital face or the hands of time? As always, do let me know in the comments below.

Have an awesome day and remember to stay positive!

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