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Dating for GMs?


I was just sitting here posting comments on Reddit when I got thinking about dating for GMs. I have a real worry about starting any campaign with a group of strangers. Initially, this is because my anxiety kicks in majorly since I have a constant worry that I am not going to be as good as their previous GM or not know all the rules etc. Secondly, I get this feeling that there might be a significant mismatch between my own style of role-playing and that of the players. This might lead to ‘hassles’ which causes me stress and then anxiety. It almost seems that there needs to be a dating app to put players and GMs together who have compatible philosophies about campaigns.

Dating App for GMs

Am I Very Different

Since returning to role-playing games on the internet, I have watched numerous channels and really enjoyed the games. I feel that I know many of the GMs and players although I have yet to managed to get a game on these channels. I have been asked to play in some charity events, playing one off games, although I have never been asked back. I have applied for several games but not been successful and I wonder whether it is because of my playing style and/or my GMing.

RPG dating for players and GMs

What would be your dating profile for a role-playing session?

RPG dating for players and GMs

I think that I am probably very controlling within my games, which is seen as a negative. I have an idea how I want the campaign to run and want to stick to it. I’m never in favour of players using the rules to make ‘epic’ characters since I focus more on the role-playing and the narrative rather than how many people can be butchered by the un-defeatable character. Recently I have started to try and match the campaign to the players, taking on the mindset of I am providing a campaign for them, rather than me letting them play in my campaign. am not sure that this is necessarily the way forward but I think it is important for me to change in order to progress.

Session Zero

I’ve heard talk of these across the main RPG channels. The session in which players and the GM talk together about what they want from the sessions and how they actually play the game. These seem a bit like a job interview. How many times have we said we are keen on certain initiatives just to get the job, but then let them drop once we are secure. I guess thats a pessimistic view of them, but it is only when the campaign is underway that every player and GM shows their true colours. I do feel that one player/GM can actually cause the whole group fall apart and the gaming sessions to become a chore rather than a joy.

Everyone needs to be willing

This for me is the best option. No-one is ever going to find their perfect game/campaign. There are always those nuances between players and GMs and I think this needs to be celebrated rather than avoided. However, everyone who is participating in a session needs to be prepared to change and adapt. The diversity which exists in the RPG world is one to be celebrated and not avoided. But when things are not matched perfectly, there needs to be a willingness to adapt in order to ensure that everyone is enjoying.

I really like campaigns rather than oneoff adventures, mainly because it allows both the campaign and characters to progress and change. But in order for these to run effectively, there definitely needs to be a willingness within the whole group for changes to be made, decisions to go against people’s views and the emphasis on keeping everything ‘fun’ for everyone.

My Dating Profile

To bring it back to the dating app concept, I got thinking about my profile as a GM/player on the app. What would I actually write?

Well, I had a go…

Dedicated GM/Player looking for others to enjoy sessions exploring and interacting with RPG settings. Enjoys narrative-based games where rules are less of an emphasis and where character personality and progression are paramount. Willing to play weak characters and co-create campaigns. Hassle free sessions are a must.


And now, I am just waiting for some responses…

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