Denied Partnership – but ok.

Greetings Twitch,

I want to thank you for allowing me to resubmit my partnership application.

Before I start to say what I would offer you if we entered a partnership, it is important to establish what I am not. If this is what you are looking for in a partner, then I completely understand why my application was unsuccessful.

I am not a huge channel with random followers and subscribers that will bring you huge revenue. I am not someone who swears or rages on camera. I do not wear very little clothing while I stream, and I most definitely do not stream from a hot tub. If this is what you are looking for in a partner, then I’m glad to say I am not the person for you.

So, by investing in me, what will you gain?

1) Commitment
I have been streaming on Twitch since it was called JustinTV. For over a decade, I have consistently streamed a range of games. Throughout the decades and the pandemic, I have maintained a small, dedicated community whose commonalities have drawn us together. At age 57, I am drawing close to retiring from my academic job, and I am looking forward to many more years on the platform, spreading positivity and laughter. Partnering with me means we are both in it for the long haul. We are both committed both now and in the future.

2) Not quantity but quality
Being a teacher and lecturer, I have the skills to get information and messages across. While others stream the end-game content, I stream the solo starting areas. I welcome new players to games in our community, where we all share support and information. The question doesn’t matter; we can answer it in several ways so the person feels valued and respected. I promote your platform as a place where people can ask questions and be valued. Being small, I can respond to all the questions, and my chat is where people will find it easier to engage and chat without worrying about being judged by the masses. There are never any silly questions in my chat! Partnering with me means you value both the novice and expert in games and that a safe area for questions is beneficial.

3) Diversity
Many of your partners will be operating huge channels. They will bring in a large amount of revenue for you. I am going to be honest and say I will not. But partnering with me says Twitch is not all about money and profit. On any platform, there are neuro-diverse viewers and streamers. We struggle to stream every day to show other people what they are capable of achieving. Whether they voice their opinions in the chat or decide to take the plunge and start to stream, many have gained that confidence from me and my streams. For me, this is more important than profit. By investing in me, you are saying that Twitch is not only about profit but the individual and the neuro-diversity on the platform. Anyone can stream, and everyone should be supported to do so.

You might be thinking? Why does he need to be partnered with Twitch? He is doing a great job, just continue. It says something about Twitch when you support a channel like mine. I’ve worked hard and will continue to do so. I have demonstrated that I am worth investing in. I am already a YouTube partner with 1.3k subscribers, The Design Mechanism, an RPG company, sponsors me, and I am part of the ESO stream team. These accolades demonstrate that I am worth investing in. I produce quality over quantity.

If you have reached this part of my application, then thank you. I understand that you will read many of these daily, so I appreciate your time and expertise.

I look forward to hearing the outcome of my application.

All the best


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