Do I really need World Anvil?

Edit: This article has been updated – Please read this apology and updated opinion


I don’t know about you, but I am always looking to streamline my content creations and share my ideas with my players and the world!! I’ve used a lot of different things to store my campaign worlds on from A4 paper and folders to Realm Works and Google Docs. But a couple of months ago I came across a Tweet advertising World Anvil and thought I would see what it was all about.

False Starts

World Anvil Iamge

When I pressed the link and saw the World Anvil website, I immediately created my ‘free’ account and started to place some of my pre-made content into the site. Due to my lack of understanding of the hierarchy of the system, I made the mistake of using my campaign name for the world name. I soon discovered my error and deleted to start again. Unfortunately it was not that easy.

When I recreated things, WA (World Anvil) appeared to be picking up my previous deleted content and giving it a title of ‘archived content’ and then directing me to 404 pages. Not to be put off I sort support on twitter, but unfortunately, they had limited access to the internet and were, understandably, focusing on the paid subscribers.

After a few tweets, it was recommended that I deleted my account and recreate it. This I did and started once more on my content.

Adverts and Details

Man peeking out

As I started to type in my content, it was great how the empty boxes prompted me to think about aspects of my world/campaign and cities which I had not really thought about. This was really interesting but I suddenly became aware of the amount of detail which my campaign world lacked.

I started to leave boxes after boxes empty and blank. It was at this point that I started to wonder whether I needed to think more about my campaign or whether WA actually was not for my limited campaign.

The other thing which I started to realise was that I would need to pay for a subscription if I was going to continue to use the site. First, this would be to remove the adverts – sheesh – there were so many! I understand that these are necessary to support these small businesses but I nearly click on several of them thinking they were content. Also, I would want my content private which is not available as an option for the free account.

Web-based and Players accessed

It was then that I started to wonder whether I actually need the amount of detail for my newbie campaigns. If I was writing a novel or creating a detailed campaign, then I think the site would be brilliant. But for me, just a small developing GM, I got the feeling that it was just too big.

I really like the idea of things being edited on the web and being available for others to see, including players. I currently use Realm Works for my campaign, which I love!, but the lack of a web-based version of the program means that I can only use it on my PC and not my Mac. Plus, if I want to access it elsewhere I need to download the program and buy licenses to share this with players. I don’t think it is actually possible to share it directly with the world!

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

Just use this site?

This was when I suddenly wondered whether I should just use this site for my campaign content.

I actually own the domain name and I pay for the hosting every month. Rather than paying out for another service, should I just use this site for my campaign information? I can share what I want, access it when I want and even if I figure out about passwords, limit access to only the chosen few. Maybe I am just being attracted but the fancy names, YouTube videos and the need to support new ventures – I curse my values at times!


I’m still not sure what I will be doing, but writing these blog posts always help me to figure things about. Also, it allows me to hear your views!

Are you a World Anvil user already? What do you think? How do you find it? Am I missing something altogether?

Please do let me know in the comments below. Any help to make a decision would be great!

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