Do I want to raid after LFR experiences!

You might have realised by now that I am hardly a hardcore gamer. One thing I currently considering is my role in the forthcoming expansion. I have been watching the raids on TwitchTV and @riggnaros Youtube Channel and have enjoyed seeing these and the challenge that they present. I have even focused on a specific class and watched what they have done in order to influence my choice. But apart from a couple of raids with guild when they were ‘desperate’ for a healer I have not really experienced raiding with a guild. My only comparison is LFR – is that what raiding is really like?

Waiting the start in LFR
Waiting the start in LFR

With the beta raid testing being broadcasted and recorded I have watched with intrigue the tactics and the way the raid works. One thing which is missing – due to tactical/world first reasons – is the guild/raid chat when it is occurring which might give me some more information about the comparison between the raids and a LFR. But is there a great difference between the two?

  • Working together?When I was actually brave enough to tank a dungeon in the beta, I announced at the start that I was a newbie tank. I was pleasantly surprised when someone mentioned that it was fine. The whole dungeon proceeded with a very supported feeling, with people discussing the tactics and how it could be improved. This is very much the reverse of my experience in LFR when people appear to shout/insult many of the classes and as soon as there is a wipe then blame is delivered (usually in the order of Tank, Healers and then the weather) followed by voting and kicking and generally a mass exodus. I would never even consider, as a newbie tank, signing up for a LFR!! Is my former experience a more accurate representation of raiding with a guild?

  • Organisation and tactics– The best LFR groups I have been a member of have been the ones when the leader has actually lead. Markers have been placed groups re-organised and roles assigned. The best ones include someone asking – does everyone know the tactics? at the beginning. It is normally during the explanation that someone then ‘ninja pulls’ (not sure if that is the correct term) and the raid goes into disarray. Followed by the aforementioned blame, voting, kicking and leaving routine. I am assuming that guild raids are a lot more structured and supportive? although this might just me my assumption.

  • Meeting guild requirements – When I am doing LFR I am really using the raid to progress my own character. Apart from an item level requirement and the role, there is nothing else that you really need to do. This is obvious due to the number of people who appear to sign up as healers but are actually doing DPS or sign up and then just sit there AFK requiring additional healing to keep alive throughout. This may be the extreme but is there a similar extreme for the guild raid when you are required to have healing/damage above a certain level or complete tactical tests before you are allowed on the raid. Does this go as far as restricting classes due to the ‘poor’ DPS? Listening to Syiler discussing his beloved Enhancement Shaman and the classes shortfalls, I would be interested whether guild raids would actually not take a class due to these downfalls. Would this mean I would be required to create another character in order to continue to progress?

  • I am writing this from a place of both limited knowledge and understanding both of raiding and of guilds in general. Some of my characters are in guilds – only because someone sent a random invite and I accepted it in the heat of an battle. Most of these guilds appear to have no-one on while I am playing. My warlock currently needs to kill a dwarf in a tower to progress with his legendary cloak quest and I have yet to find the support to achieve this – would active guilds support me with quests like this?

    Hopefully guild raiding is not the same as LFR raiding. If it is then I am not keen to encounter it at all. However, it is possible that guild raiding presents a different range of ‘problems’ that I have not encountered. Before I can even experience guild raiding I need to join a guild – and there lies the topic of my next blog post.

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