Don’t you just hate ‘sayings’…

We have had a few blog posts which have been related to videos from my Twitch channel recently, and believe me there are plenty more to come, but I thought I would give you a change by posting something which you have to read or, if you are listening to the audio version of this post, listen to. When I am playing games online or working at university, I often find myself having to interpret the new ‘lingo’ that people are using and, often trying to use it but getting the pronunciation all incorrect. As I try to engage with the new lingo I was reminded of some sayings which I have heard in the past and which I completely disagree with and even get annoyed about – yes me annoyed! can you imagine that. What are those sayings? Well that is what this waffle is about…

It’s funny how language changes through the years. I’m not sure whether it is because I am an old person in the younger world of streaming, but there are so many words which I have no idea what they mean – or their meaning has changed. A classic example of this is ‘salty’. To me, this is purely reserved for describing the taste of crisps and/or pork scratchings but apparently, it means something to do with being mad. Who would have thought. Anyone who watches my stream on a regular basis will know that it has taken me some time to say the words ’emote’ correctly and even now, as I write it, I am worried that when I do the audio version of this waffle that I will get it incorrect! If I did, then please don’t laugh – I’m working on it. But what I wanted to talk about were sayings from my era which I’m not sure whether everyone knows or even uses any more but sayings which, when I hear them or are used to me, actually do annoy me so much that I get… well… salty :).

  • Life begins at forty! – Now being older than probably many of you and even being more than twice as old as some of you, you probably think that the age of 40 is virtually a life time away at the moment. Believe me, before you know it you will be there and pretty soon after that you will be past it. But does life really begin at forty? Of course not! This is a classic saying which I think has been invented to be used to make people feel better about their age. Society as a whole can be quite ageist, I get it a lot when I am streaming – comments like “OMG you are like 60!”, “Hi Grandad!” and even – “you are too old to stream!”. I have a really supportive community around my streaming who actually see me as a person, which is so nice to have. As we get old, there is quite a stigma about it and I really do think that the saying – “life begins at forty” – is just a saying which has been created in a vain attempt to make us feel better about getting older. Yes I realise that by the time we are 40 we are probably more financially stable but don’t wait until you are 40 before you start your life – life begins as soon as you are born and continues to when you are dead so make the most of it. And, if you are worried about getting old and need some reassurance, yes there are down points, but just continue to enjoy life and if anyone doesn’t like you being your age, young or old, ditch them πŸ™‚

  • Plenty more fish in the sea – Now, as well as being old I am also single. I remind myself of the Captain Hook character in the ‘real-life’ film version of Peter Pan when the lost boys, Peter and Wendy are all chanting – old and alone to the captain. Being single and my age generally means that I am no longer going on dates or meeting anyone. Indeed I don’t think I have ever been on a date in my life! But I have heard of people having relationships and then breaking up after some time and the phrase – “plenty more fish in the sea” being used. Even when I say I’m single sometimes people still quote the saying back to me – don’t worry – there are plenty more fish in the sea. This saying is probably technically incorrect in any case, especially if you actually take into account the current pollution rate and content of the world’s oceans there is probably less fish than a decade ago. But what really annoys me with this saying is that it is another attempt to make us feel good about something which has happened. Okay, you are alone, okay, you have broken up with someone or they have broken up with you – but just move on and pass them. Yes there are more people out there but within that population is a whole load of bottom feeders, predators and angel fish which will forget your name and face within seconds. Plus – and this links to my final saying which I dislike, it might be the case that most of those other fish are actually swimming away from you or paying no interest in you at all.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – And finally, my most disliked saying ever. Another, let’s try and make you feel better by using a saying – “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”. Yes I am old, yes I am single and, just to get the only hat-trick I will ever achieve, I was not blessed with stunning looks. People are like assigning ability scores in any role playing game. Unless you have cheated and have ‘fudged’ your rolls you will end up either with some extremes of scores or just average ones. Unfortunately when the dice were rolled for my creation, I was left with some average low rolls and this is what was created. I often say that when God was giving out brains, I thought he said trains and asked for a freight wagon. (Yes I am not very good at creating sayings either). And yes the saying about books and a horror also apply to me! Some people are naturally good looking, pretty and/or handsome, which ever word you want to use to describe it. People look at these people and think wow. But I am most definitely sure that no-one looks at me and things wow what a stunner! I can guarantee that no-one will ever look at me and think that I am beautiful and to go through life grasping to this saying would, if I am quite frank, just be ridiculous. If you play Dungeons and Dragons you will be aware of the monster called the Beholder. Well believe me when I tell you, its charisma score is miles higher than mine!

  • The more and more I write this waffle the more silly sayings come into my head. Many sayings are just there to be used to make people feel better and, in my humble opinion, I would just prefer to say – ok that happened, be positive and move on. There is however, one saying which I do like and often keep in my mind. Yes it might also be a feel good saying but one which I think helps us to stay positive and to live our lives how we want to and not how we are told to. “Say what you think and be who you are because the people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.”

    So do you use a lot of sayings? Do you think they have real meaning or just used in moments or sadness/madness? Do you have any sayings which you like to use a lot and actually live by? As always there is an empty comment box below where you can add your thoughts. If you feel like registering for the site, then the button is up in the top left – its easy to do and it will mean a lot to me.

    So, as this waffle comes to an end, it only remains for me to say, have fun guys and I’ll catch you all later and, until then, consider yourself waffled!

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