Dungeons and Dragons Gameplay – Toy Dolls and Night Hags

Back to the haunted house

So the final part of the haunted manor jaunt, with the faith crew of Ol’Peter (Mr_Pickles), Obadiah (Chugawuga), Domanic (Medivac) and Felix (played by Chugawuga, since Longshanksepg couldn’t play this week). In this episode they eventually encounter the owner of the house and her little toy doll! There are lots of great scenes within this adventure including Domanic’s wonderful role playing when he gets paralyzed, Obadiah rolls ones after ones and Ol’Pete gets to use than newly found Flame Tongue sword – as long as he remembers the magic word to activate it!

The choice is yours!

I’ve been experimenting with new sort of vid. Rather than watching all the raw footage, I’ve tried to put the highlights together with some of me talking to provide the narrative between the shots. Let me know if you like the new style. Of course, if you would prefer to watch all the raw footage, uncut! then that is available as well – catering for everyone here!

Highlights (Think I need to make this shorter!)

Uncut adventure

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