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After watching preacher on Youtube go through his characters to decide who to play for the upcoming expansion, I thought it was time to go through the same thought processes so I could possibly have a head start when it eventually arrives – including trying out the choice within the beta. But before doing this, I needed to consider the role I wanted to play within any raid situation

You need to realise that apart from a very few invites when my brother’s guild was raiding and they needed a slot filled, I have not officially been in a guild which raids and have never been a member of a regular raiding team. My involvement in raids is purely based on ‘Looking for Raid’ (LFR). In order to support my discussion, I’ve created, using all my creative skills, a graphic! That alone is worth a like!

Easiest role to play in raids
Easiest role to play in raids

What follows is my own opinion about these roles as an inexperienced raiding player. For all the roles below I consider that the class would be correctly geared and a basic understanding of the function and rotation of the class’ abilities. You can click on each of the titles below to read the content – fancy or what!

I play a healer a lot in LFR and the main reason for this is the ease by which it is to play this role. Once I have geared the character and understand the abilities, my only real role is to heal. This usually involves standing somewhere safe and healing the best I can. Some understanding of the fight’s mechanics is required, but often most of these are avoided by healers. Yes you need to know where and when to run (something that I am not good at when continuing to heal) and what to avoid on the floor but that is about it. Healers are my ‘go to’ role when I need to learn a new fight.

Ranged DPS
Once I have mastered the healing of a fight, this is the next step for my raiding. Healers often stand with the ranged DPS so I have actually been moving around with them within the fights. The major difference with this role is that I have to know more about the fight mechanics. It is often the case that you need to DPS certain mobs at certain times e.g.Rook, He, Sun (Fallen Protectors) or switch to things like amber. You are always more likely to have certain ‘debuffs’ placed on you which you need to do something about. The hardest thing I find about this role is getting my DPS high enough to be effective. This is the role that I get ‘kicked from raids’ the most for due to my low DPS.

Melee DPS
Oh dear…this is my worst nightmare! One of the main reasons I avoid melee DPS characters within raids is the need for positioning. If you have ever watched me trying to play my retribution paladin on Twitch TVyou will know how difficult I find it to move around the boss/mob and still maintain any amount of damage. Even when leveling I tend to move and stop doing anything else until I reach the new position. Linked to this are the number of abilities that bosses have that ripple out from them. Tanks are good at mitigating these, but the melee classes tend to move about and continue to damage. Although with the healer and ranged DPS roles I have mastered the ‘fire of the floor’ mechanics I have no idea at all of the mechanics that affect the melee. Despite trying to read about these, when the combat starts there seems to be too much on the actual screen to be able to avoid everything. I usually end up running way out of range and, in the case of my paladin, blasting judgement from a distance.

As you can imagine from reading the melee DPS points, this is the hardest role to play in my opinion. Not only do you have to know all the possible mechanics of the fight, you also need to know the tank mechanics. I often hear, while completing the Pinnacle of Storms final fight, VEM announce, “swap tanks, swap tanks”. Well, what on earth does that mean?, beyond the literally of course. How do they know when to do this and, perhaps more importantly, how do they do it?? When playing this role you also need to know the way around the dungeon (I just usually follow everyone else) and take more of a leadership role. I also think that next to the healers, the tanks get the most insults and shouted at, something that I do not think I would be much good at copying with. I tanked the Temple of the Jade Serpent once with my paladin – although I enjoyed it, it was like everyone was just running ahead and pulling aggro off me all the time! Also, it was really hard to keep a complete view of the fight in order to pull mobs off other players or when new mobs spawned. Overall, I think this is the hardest role to play properly and I do have respect for anyone who actually does this well. When I watch Treckie on Twitch, I’m always impressed!

So that is my opinion about the difficulties and ease of each role. This I will use as a basis for my future discussion about choosing a class to play in the new expansion.

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