Elder Scrolls Online – Healing again

If you have read any of my earlier posts you will be aware that I have a constant dilemma over which class to place and which role. Although I know I like ranged combat, I always fall into the class that will provide the support for the group in the form of healing. Healers are a class which are generally wanted in groups and end content, but can be a struggle to level…as this next video probably show.


I recognise that I enjoy playing a pet class. From the enchanters in Dark Age of Camelot to Warlocks and Hunters in World of Warcraft. The Sorceror was the obvious class for me once Elder Scrolls Online came about but the need for a healer always tugs on my fingers as I create my first character and so I ended up as a Templar. Initially my Templar, Noxat, was created wearing heavy armour and wielding a two handed weapon. This reflected the idea of the great crusaders or retribution paladins. After a very shaky start at lower levels and loads of deaths, an in-game tip suggested I used a shield and so I changed to one hand and shield. However, after reading online guides, it would appear that light armour staffs are the way to go and so yet another change occurred. I think I must have a skill point in almost all skills at the moment, with strange combinations of morphs and a bank full of provision ingredients since I’m not sure how to level this – what on earth is a level two improvement! I did think about starting a sorceror, but it was only then that I realised that the bank is account wide. Poor sorceror had no space due it the bank being filled with potatoes and corn. So I am currently still playing my Templar – badly – finding it difficult to keep things at range without a pet since I am clad in light armour which appears to have the protection value of my own bedsheets! Here is yesterday’s stream – enjoy!

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