Elementor Pro and me…


As you can probably see from this site, I blog a lot both in my content creator and professional life. I’ve worked with WordPress for decades and really like it. However, when the recent update came in and we moved to ‘blocks’ I found that my workflow became stilted and slow. I needed help! And that’s when I found Elementor!

Decided to go Pro!

I first came across  Elementor when I was looking at new plugins for the updated WordPress. I was getting used to the block system but I was finding it difficult to be consistent within my blog posts. 

It was at this time that I came across Elementor Pro which allowed me to not only create pages but also posts. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, I decided to give it a go and go Pro!

Teething problems

Like anything, it took me a while to get used to the system. I always remember that the learning curve with anything new can be steep, but with Elementor is more like a gentle gradient.

Their Youtube channel has a plethora of tutorials on, and the actual interface is quite intuitive. Once I got the ‘Content/Style/Advanced’ tabs sorted I was creating like no one’s business.

I actually use Grammarly on my blogs which didn’t seem to be checking my writing on the main screen. However, by splitting my screen I was able to have it working within the ‘content’ TAB. The image below shows my current set up.

Screenshot of how I work with Elementro

How Elementor Pro supports me…

  • The interface is very simple and intuitive. I am not a professional blogger or web-designer, but the simple drag and drop set up is easy to use and adapt. Preview the post and if you think there is too much text somewhere, just break it up with a button, video or image
  • With all the blocks which are available, they are actually encouraging me to be more creative with my content. I find that I see a new block and think – ‘How can I use that?’ At the same time, I’m not overwhelmed with everything, if I want to keep it simple I can.
  • I find the support fantastic. I have started to watch the YouTube videos and really like the live sessions where they create a page from scratch! I have actually made by first-ever landing page for my merchandise after watching one of their Youtube videos!


  • The templates are great! Once I have decided on a regular blog post format, I can save it as a template and then just use this again and again. This means that I can have some sort of consistency to my blog. Also, if I had multiple authors, then the consistency would style be there within the design.
  • The theme builder is another supportive addition for site wide consistency. I’m not a designer at all, but I am looking forward to having some time off work to actually redesign my whole site. I’m sure Elementor will cope with this admirably.
  • When I was using Gutenberg, I found that some of the basic blocks were not what I wanted and then ended up downloading more and more ‘additional’ blocks to use and getting confused where each one of them were and how to edit them. Elementor removed all this. With the range of blocks I have found everything I need and they are all adapted and altered in the same way. Like I said before once you have got the Content/Style/Advanced workflow under your belt, then you are away!

My New Landing Page!


I can safely say that there has been no time at all within my 30 days that I thought, I need to stop this!

I have definitely become an Elementor Pro Blogger! This is not because they are sponsoring me or anything, it is because I have found a product that I can use easily and effectively. It has supported my workflow making it a joy to create content. With the range of blocks available and the support, it has also started to make my content appear, to me at least, more creative and professional.

If you are unsure, start with the Page Builder, enjoy that and then use your 30-day money back guarantee to try out the Pro version – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and continue to.

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