ESO – Capturing those Twitch Clips!

My Adventures in Tamriel

I’m really loving my adventures in Tamriel at the moment and thanks to a great number of moderators and viewers, some of my attempts are being captured via Twitch Clips and shared with more than just my channel! Just in case you have missed any of them I thought I would show you the best ones here – so grab a mug of coffee/tea – turn your sound on and enjoy!

The clip of me killing a penguin is at the end of the post 🙂

The highs and lows…

Since posting a compilation of my falling scenes I have had a lot of people sharing their ‘falling with style’ videos. Just incase you feel that you are having one of those days in ESO, then this will definitely make you feel better!

The Mayhem Event

When this event was on, I ventured for the first time ever into Alliance vs Alliance! After several frustrating attempts to try and find the quest giver (sorry stream – I know you were pulling your hair out by the end!), I eventually got out into the main area and busied myself healing like an angel! Unfortunately we actually came across an un-defeatable DragonKnight – it was only after I posted it on the ESO Reddit that I found out it was the emperor himself! – “and now, young Skywalker – yoou die!”

Effects that I thought were real!

Three short clips of things that happened within the stream when I was impressed that I had an effect which I thought was real – well sort of! They can be summed up by saying, burning butt, changing bear and I’m on fire!

When I killed a penguin!!

And finally – the moment that actually made me really sad. There I was fighting away and suddenly zap! one dead penguin – I switched to a fire staff shortly after this incident!

Wanting more?

And if those weren’y enough then please do go and check out my clips page on Twitch or, even better, see those moment when they happen for real by following my stream.

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