ESO update – Characters galore!

I’ve been asked to write more waffles about Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) so, as my brain ticks over thinking about future topics I thought I would give you a brief update on my characters and current exploits. Not the most exciting waffle, but it will give you something to read…

Armour to wear

Lessons learnt

I always believe that you have to try everything in order to know what you are good at and what is beyond your limits. I definitely apply this to MMOs but not to very dangerous real life activities such as sky diving and parkour! Over the last few weeks I have learnt some valuable lessons about the type of player and the sort of characters I like to play. I’m not going to be negative here, so I am going to focus on what I CAN play. Generally Magicka is the way for me to go so, linking to this resource, twin staffs work well with my play style. I can play Stamina characters but their have to be quite tanky rather than DPS. Although twirling twin blades look flashy they are not for me.

Battlegrounds and Alliance vs Alliance

I played a lot of this through the Mayhem event for the first time ever and really enjoyed many aspects of it. Within Alliance vs Alliance, I work best with a restoration staff at my side healing and shielding the siege equipment. I did try both bow combat and DPS (ranged and melee) – but it is not for me. My older age and lack of coordination means I literally just panic and get too flustered to fight effectively. Within the battleground, I can heal – and die quickly once someone finds me – or I need burst DPS at a range which is quick and deadly. Leveling a Sorc in the battleground through the Mayhem event was really beneficial and I have ground to love my belly button – erm I mean Sorcerer!

Other Aspects of the game

If you have ever watched my streams on Twitch, you will know that I love leveling characters. Due to this becoming rather repetitive I decided to branch out a bit – hence the Battlegrounds during the recent event. As well as developing quite liking to the Battlegrounds I have also started to try and heal my daily dungeon with my Templar and soon I might even get round to tanking them! I’ve also started to look for a suitable house to purchase – the initial deposit if causing some problems and it doesn’t appear I am entitled for a mortgage, so some saving of crowns will be needed!

While doing the new content

I am also trying to keep up-to-date with the new content in the game and any events which are happening. I actually healed the new Moon Keep Dungeon on the day it came out although trying to do it with my Sorc as DPS was met with me getting into a group of ‘Elitist PUGs’ – that’s right, I’ve never heard of it either! I was asked to leave the group due to not having a food buff – a requirement apparently of joining that PUG! (What does PUG stand for? anyone know?). Not to be dissuaded by this I spent a rather enjoyable morning continually pressing my ‘R’ key to level Provisioning and Alchemy to 50 – I still need some more skill points to get all the ‘passives’ so some skyshard hunting will be required in order to get them, but I should be able to start crafting my own food and potions soon!

Character Ideas

Just to finish off I thought I would give you a brief summary of my characters and where I am thinking of taking them…

  • Yannox – Magicka Templar – This is my main and crafter! More healing and sky shards needed here to hit some goals

  • Fenston – Magicka Sorcerer – This is my main battleground character and I just need to perfect my skills and get some good equipment and food/potion buffs

  • Falling-leaves- Magicka Warden – Initially this was going to be a wadren battleground character, but I feel it will be more of a healer and support Yannox in the end.

  • Yannox – Stamina Dragonknight – My first ever tank and one which I really enjoyed playing – need to play him again and get him more accustomed to the dungeon content – tanks are always in demand! He needs to focus on getting his health up though!

  • Voxian – Stamina Warden – Initially going to be a melee battleground character, I will be changing him into a tank – I love the look of this character and that alone means I need to play him! Redguard with dreadlocks πŸ™‚

  • Others – I have quite a few other characters but these will be taking a rest for a while – although I might work on Fierce-Claws my Nightblade – they are so good in PvP that I need to feel their power!

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