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As I start to write this waffle, I really have no idea where it is going or what I really want to say. I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while but could not seem to get the focus correct. In a last ditch attempt to get it sorted, I just thought I would start to waffle and see where I end up – so please, don’t expect much from the start! You might be intrigued about what this waffle is going to attempt to be about now and I am happy to share with you the broad topic – its.. wait for it… tight jeans!

I’m not much of a fashion guru. I rarely buy clothes, tending to wear the same sort of outfit over and over again, relying on items of clothing which I think I look ‘ok’ in. I look at other people’s outfits on YouTube and Instagram and I am always fascinated by both the range and combinations which they achieve. I don’t have to wear a uniform for work, indeed there is actually no dress code at all, with some tutors actually teaching in jeans and a t-shirt. I’m not saying for one moment that these people are not professional but I do prefer having a work clothes ‘look’ wearing smart trousers and a shirt – accompanied by a zipped up hoodie if it is chilly. This allows me to have some sort of separation within my ancient looking wardrobe (actually the one which I shared with my brother while growing up – it still has our initials scratched onto each door to identify which side belongs to who!) between my work and casual clothes. I have, in the past, tried to splash out and go for something different for my ‘look’ but this usually results in the item of clothing continuing to live in the drawer/wardrobe with its ‘tag’ on awaiting for the suitable time for it to be worn, which never actually arrives. I feel very comfortable in colours such as blue (all shades) and did venture into purple (my favourite colour) and sometimes green but the general style is ‘normal’ with nothing unusual about the item of clothing. I guess it is something about not wanting to stand out in a crowd or attract attention to myself, preferring to merge into the background. But one thing I have noticed, is how fashion seems to change while I stand still.

Being of a ‘certain age’ I never want to attract the comment ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ so there are some clothes shops which I never frequent. I did try once, and ended up nearly getting stuck while trying on a pair of jeans which were my size but appeared to have been manufactured for someone five times smaller than my thighs! Tightness appears to be a thing now. I’m talking purely about male fashion at the moment – I wouldn’t dare pass comment on female fashion – heaven forbid! – and when I am talking about tightness I am referring specifically to jeans. When I was growing up, jeans were baggy, with broad waistbands and holes in various locations – yes I had a pair of jeans which had holes across both knees. I didn’t buy them like this, they actually got holes in and I just continued to wear them! When I look at jeans for men nowadays, they seem to be almost skin tight. I actually marvel at how tight there are including, how do they actually get them over their feet? I remember hearing once that tight jeans were a thing of the past, demonstrating that fashion does actually go in cycles, and that people used to wear their jeans in a bath in order to encourage them to become tighter around the person’s legs. This also makes me wonder, how people actually get these tight jeans off if they have been walking home through a rain storm – I hate it when your wet trousers stick to your legs and this was made worse when the colour from the denim used to leech out and dye your legs blue! And finally – on the topic of tight jeans – I think you need to have the legs to pull off tight jeans. Not literally pull them off but to actually look good in them! During summer, I actually have to provide a public announcement for additional sun-glare if I am going to wear my shorts so there is one reason why I wear jeans, and that is to cover my legs up!! Although tight jeans would protect the general public from the skin glare, making them suffer the outline of bony legs and knobbly knees if I wore tight jeans is something that the world is not actually ready or prepared for!

I do sometimes wish I was more adventurous. You might have realised by now that I am a creature of habit and this is definitely apparent in my fashion choices. I do sometimes take the plunge and buy something with dots on or a different colour, but as previously mentioned it never sees the light of day! I have often thought I need to employ a fashion consultant, but always remember the classic shows on TV when I’m sure that the ‘consultants’ were actually promoting their favourite shops outfits rather than actually making the victim look good and/or feel comfortable. Maybe its down to being confident or having a certain look or maybe even accessorising but up until now fashion and looking good continue to elude me and I have a feeling it will continue to do so for some time to come…

If you have any answers to my tight jeans dilemmas or even suggestions to improve my fashion sense in order to look good – then please send me links or ideas in the comments below. If you want to see some of my outfits you can always follow me on Instagram if you feel brave enough!

So, until next time, remember to be who you are and say what you feel because the people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind. Have fun and I’ll catch you all later and, until then, consider yourself waffled!

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