February I hate you!


1,000 apologies!!! Work is super hectic at the moment and I hardly have time to sleep let alone blog! It is times like this that I actually get very stressed out which brings on several ‘conditions’. But I can hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have promised myself no work, work this weekend. And just as I was starting to feel less stressed – I realised that it was February!!!!

This is not a Brexit post!

Okay, before you all close the browser – this is not a Brexit post. I think it has been three years since the initial vote went through and now I will just be pleased that it is not headline news for every single TV programme!

So if this is not a Brexit post, what is it?

Well, there are certain times of the year which I like and some which I hate. You might have read my post about the less than desirable time of the year for me. Well I actually have a month which I really dislike and that’s the month of February and here is why!


First up, I can’t say the word!

Now I know that my pronunciation is not good at the best of times and there are some words that I had to correct for ages. I even said ’emote’ wrong for months – thinking it was pronounced ’emoat’. Now I am so confused I have to try and think which one to use.

But February really stumps me. I stumble over it every time and people do say – say that again – to have a laugh!

Coupled with this is the spelling of the month’s name. I think I have typed it numerous times in this post and every time it has been typed incorrectly. My fingers just don’t seem to know which keys to type in which order to get it correct!

Valentine’s Day

Image by DWilliams from Pixabay

Oh I hate this day completely and, because it is added to the month of February, it means I hate February even more!

What is it about Valentine’s Day! Being a singleton, it is a day which I hide or lie. 

How many cards did you get? 

How many did you send? 

Who are you having dinner with tonight?

Would you like to buy two in a special valentine offer?

It is never ending! It is bad enough that what ever you buy at the supermarket you have to have for two days running because they don’t sell things for singletons. But there are all these great deals which are not accessible unless you have another half!

Can I just say this point, I’m not and never will be half of a relationship – I am a full person and the relationship is double! (rant over!)

I know some people are trying to deny the two for one deals and doing, come with friends and get a deal – but really? It is not purely about money and less about romance?

Leap years!

Oh this does my head in big time. We had to learn that rhyme at school;

30 days has September, April June and November,
All the rest has 31, except for February because it is just being awkward and wants to be different!

Not only does February want to be different and laugh at all the singletons out there, it wants to be super special and only have 28 days!

Now although this is great for pay day. it just annoys me that things can’t be consistent and follow a routine! #OCD

And, just to make matters worse, it confuses us even more and says that every four years it wants to be super different and get an extra day and makes use call the whole year a leap year!

29 is such a unpleasant number as it is, I guess its only redeeming feature is that it is prime!


And that’s it – why I hate self centred, all controlling February!

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And if you want to share your worst month in the year, then just leave your thoughts in the comments – are any of the other months worse than February!

See you in March 🙂

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