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Resolution #3

I’m not actually sure if this is resolution #3 or #4 but I’m going to go with #3. You are probably thinking – hang on what are #1 and #2! Well, I’ll probably share these later, it is just that I want to try and get them established so that I am actually achieving them and, sometimes, I think that if I mention them I actually start to fail. So what was/is resolution#3 – well I have decided to try and listen to 12 books this year. That’s only one per month so I should be able to achieve it. How’s it going? Well going well thanks. So well in fact that I wanted to share with you my first completed book. If you were wondering why I said I was listening to books rather than reading them, then the video describes it all…

Ready Player One!

So this was the first book that I decided to reading to this year (When I say ‘reading’ just think ‘listening’). I had heard so many positives about the film that I was really looking forward to reading the book. And it didn’t disappoint.

As a keen internet dweller, the concept of the Oasis was fantastic and I was really amazed about the actual theory and technical information which were added to the game. Many times I actually found myself hoping with fingers crossed that the Oasis would actually become a reality within my own lifetime! Wade’s apartment in the latter parts of the book and his off world base are so well thought out that I could actually see them being created. The idea of an internet game had plausible and I often found myself trying to figure out how I could actually recreate it for real or slide it into a game like Shadowrun as an adventure concept.

Ready Player One

Being a keen RPGer, there were so many references to things I not only knew but had enjoyed growing up that I felt I had a real connection with the plotline. I am not really up on all the geeky things that the story engages with, but that didn’t detract from the story at all and, Will Wheaton, who narrated the book, communicated these well without that feeling that I was being patronised for not knowing. The only aspect of the story that I was keen on was when there was a long list of scoreboard numbers and scores.

Characters were well thought out and had real personalities and I could easily relate to each and everyone of them including the mega-corporation boss, Serrento. You might have gathered from one of my previous blog posts, I’m not a great lover of these mega-corps so the interaction with these within the story brought a smile to my face. God knows what people thought as I was walking to work smiling!

Overall I would give the book a secure 5 out of 5 – highly recommended, especially if you are a RPGing geek like myself.

Let me know in the comments below whether you have watched the film or the book and what you thought.

What’s with the title?

At this point you might be thinking what’s with the title of this blog. Well, as well as the book being highly recommended the film was recommended to me as well so, on a Sunday afternoon I rented it and started to watch it. Unfortunately I didn’t get very far at all! I was really looking forward to the Wade’s school and the adventure to find the first key. However, it appeared that the film must have been based on a completely different book since in order to get to the first key there appeared to be a race to it with a final jump being the only real obstacle. In the book, the first clue took years for people to figure out and rightly so! However, the answer to the first clue in the film was to drive backwards. I can’t remember the clue that much but I think it was something like;

To reach the gate you might have to go backwards instead of forward!

written with sarcasm

This might not have been the actual clue, but it was something as simple as that. And was definitely not something that people would have been working on for years!

I’ve actually stopped watching the film and, although I might go back to finish it just to say I have watched it, it really has not impressed me at all and goes into the same category of several other books/films, including The Martian and The Hunger Games. In this category there is definitely a huge gap between the book and the films with the books definitely coming out on top!

Book number #2

Well I have already started to read my next book and it is not a fantasy or sci-fi themed one. It is not even a thriller or action book. It is “This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor ” by Adam Kay. So far, very good and funny, but I’ll write a full review when I finish it.

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