First Time on Destiny

Well I have seen this game being played across TwitchTV so I decided to download the trial version and check it out! I need to warn you now, this is not the sort of game I usually play…

If you are keen to watch then the video is at the end of the post


First person shooters are not the best genre for me and coupled with the multi trigger/button console of the XboxOne this was almost doomed from the start. It actually took two evenings to download the trial version – no idea why or how long the full version would take.

Destiny takes it time to load
Destiny takes it time to load

I initially played as a ‘Warlock’ and was rewarded with a shotgun as my secondary weapon. Not the best choice of weapon for my playing style, although when I replayed the starting area (not recorded) I got a sniper rifle which was more suitable to my playing style – not sure if only certain weapons can be used by certain classes – if so, then a move away from the Warlock would be wise! Will I buy the full version? Well I thought I was getting better as I played so I might just give it a go – although I still have to play Battle FrontLine yet – first play of that coming soon! Anyway, you have probably read this for long enough – watch the video and enjoy.

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