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      In line with the changes I mention in a previous post, I wanted to just bring everyone up to date with what has happened in the world before we start back. If there is anything which you would like to have a chat about then let me know and we can change things, if I hear nothing then I’ll just provide a brief overview of this post to the stream in the next session.

      1. Chalice: Although the chalice was not on the scholar, the barbarians made a search of the final battle site and found it within a small coffer which they manage to get to you before your leave Norport. This will allow you to receive the full payment from the original organiser of the quest. (Think this was 8,000 silver?)
      2. Earl of Bronze: This will just be forgotten about. I was planning on this to be an involved and epic storyline for Hengist’s character but it didn’t really turn out like that and so will be removed.
      3. Assassins within the Orders: This will just be forgotten about. This was an involved storyline for Gully which involved intrigue and political intrigue within the orders. Again, this didn’t really take off so it will be removed.
      4. Seeds and the Necromancer – this was all involved with Bria and the chalice. This will be forgotten about – I think I have made this one too long and epic in proportions. Because of this, the impetus of the plot has been lost. I have enjoyed this as a starting adventure and there have been many encounters related to this including Ubbin Falls, the Library of the Mystics and the Sanctuary of the Templar Knights. My favourite part of these adventures was the engagement with the NPCs, for example, Count Bastion, Jeremiah and Ben. These will still remain, well not Jeremiah because he is dead. So expect them to reappear, especially Sylvester!
      5. Black Arm and ‘attached’ items – both of these have little to no impact on the sessions now. The attached items are still mentioned in character introductions but have no actual impact on the game. Assume that these have been put to rest – I will provide some sort of narrative in the next session. Something like, what happened in Lindowe while you were resting up and gaining skills.
      6. Lord Dryston Order – Initially this was set up for Hengist to join (I did try with you Hengist to provide you with storylines and an order 🙂 ), but ended up that Gully was initiated as a member. I’ll leave this up to you Gully whether you want to continue with this or not.
      7. Brotherhood – the order remains, and the amulet will be there to show Hasra’s membership but the storyline relating to the spirit will be left now. I feel that Hasra is going on his own journey rather than the one linked to spirits and magic.
      8. I’ll update with more as they come up…

      I can’t think of anything else that needs to be sorted, but if you have anything which you need clarification on then please just drop me a DM on discord.

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