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      Please do now think this post is negative at all, because it is not meant to be – all positive 🙂

      I’ve been thinking about the Mythras Campaign setting and I will be making some changes in the future. In doing so, I hope that the sessions will become even more enjoyable than they already are.

      1. I really like deep and involved plotlines. Although this might be possible in some campaigns I think due to how long and often we play, these plotlines are getting lost. Because of this I am going to bring some of these to an end and then just make things simpler. Rather than being on an epic adventure to save the world, maybe more an adventure to save a farm, city or even rescue a damsel (or mansel) in distress.
      2. I’m going to make the ‘adventures’ shorter. This will mean that you spend two to three sessions away from your base at the most. I think it is important that I ensure that you progress and, at the moment, the time taken to complete adventures is epic! 10 sessions in the last one! This also links to the first point as well.
      3. You are welcome to continue to engage with longitudinal personal quests if you wish, as individual characters – e.g. Bartleby’s love for Bria. These will be part of the downtime session which is likely to be one in four, approximately.
      4. Experience rolls will be given out at the end of each session. Fumbles as well. So, at the end of each session, according to the time, we will complete rolls for improvements. It would be beneficial if you could spend some time as players to have some sort of improvement plan organised. This will ensure efficient use of time. New skills and spells can only be learnt back at base, hence point 2.
      5. Experience rolls will be set at 2 per session with the end of adventures maybe having 3. I’m not going to give individual rewards for anything, since I think in doing so, just causes problems.

      I’ve put this in a forum post so that people can keep accessing it without it rising up through the discord chat.

      Any questions, as always, let me know.

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