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    These are my thoughts about how contacts would work in the game.

    You will have a passion for your contact, You can use your own word for your relationship with the contact

    “A Passion can be for anything – a person, an organisation, an ideal, even an object. Passions are typically described by a verb such as: Comfort, Desire, Despise, Destroy, Espouse, Fear, Flee, Foreswear, Hate, Love, Loyalty to, Protect, Repudiate, Respect, Seek, Subvert, Torment or Uphold.”

    Your Passion Score
    Your passion for the contact will be calculated as 30% plus your CHA score.

    You contact will have three skills. There score will be calculated by your passion score.

  • Skill 1 = Passion Score
  • Skill 2 = 3/4 of Passion Score
  • Skill 3 = 1/2 of Passion Score
  • Interacting with Contact

    1) There is certain information that your contact will automatically know. This will be communicated to you through role-playing
    2) If there is something else you need to know, you can use your contact’s skill to augment your own.
    3) Your contact to ‘find out information’ in which they use their own skill.

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