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      Hi everyone,

      Please remember to check out my previous post about experience rolls.

      It has been confirmed that there has been 10 sessions since your last experience rolls – well done! that’s a huge amount of time to survive 🙂

      So, the new system will give you a set 2 rolls per session, but I wanted to reflect any additional rolls which I might have given to you in the ten sessions. So, I have rolled a d4 ten times, counting 1s and 2s as 2 and the rest at their face value. I’ve added these up to present your total amount. If you have a negative or positive experience roll modifier, then multiply this by ten and then ad or subtract to get yours. Remember the modifier goes on each session, not on the total.

      It would be great if you can have a think about what you would like to spend your rolls on so that the actual downtime can be played through with purpose.

      Total experience rolls for ten sessions : 27

      Any questions let me know via DM on Discord or here.

      Rolling Dice Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay[/caption]

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