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      That is the question!

      What do you we think? I sometimes feel that once there is a map on the screen, everything becomes very ‘tactical’. e.g. I’ll move here since they can’t see me from there or there and I have a direct line to here. It is similar to that moment in chess when you move your piece, hold your finger on it, while you check for other possibilities.

      I also feel that sometimes it slows the session down … i.e. we all move up to that point. what do we see? ok, we move to this point – what do we see?

      It can also lead to misinterpretations – e.g. in the game last night when I thought you were just discussing the plan in the open (that’s where the tokens were) but people thought you were somewhere else.

      There are rules in the new Mythras Companion on tactical rules. These focus on combats on a tactical map. For example, if Hengist has his shield on his left arm, he cannot use it to parry/ward location on the right-hand side of his body.

      With no maps, it requires more attention given to narrative/descriptions, but also questions like – ‘am I close enough to do ‘x’ down to me as the GM to make the call. Description of actions will need to be more generic, rather than ultra description with several criteria in place since these really just mean you are saying …  “I’ll stand near the door in such a way that nothing bad can happen to me.”

      Anyway, I was wondering what your thoughts were. Just DM them to me on discord, or enter them in comments below.


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