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      I am really keen for social interaction within the game to be assigned to an actual skill. I don’t want this to be completed purely by role-playing. I think it is important to reflect the character’s characteristics and skills level in all aspect of the game. For example, Charisma is all about personality and is an important characteristic for skills like influence. Characters who are lacking in strength are penalised in combat, so the same should be true with characters lacking in Charisma in social interactions.

      At the same time, I don’t want role-playing to be completely removed from the social interactions.

      Because of this, I am going to implement one of two ways to include the social interactions within the game.

      1. Use the Social Conflict rules – we will test these next time and see if they add anything to the game. If you have the rules, it would be worth checking the specials etc in preparation for this.
      2. All social skills will be related to a skill. Unless suggested by the player, the GM will decide based on the approach given. Remember – you just need to say something like – “I am going to try and convince the person that they should give me the information – I will use my influence skill”
      3. I will adjust the difficulty level according to any role-playing aspects which are included – e.g. from the last adventure – “I am going to remind Captain SeaTide about the letter etc. Hence the difficulty was Easy.” It might be worth keeping track of people you consider contact and engaging with these during downtime – I like the idea of giving them some sort of rating for further interactions. This might just be something like – your skill rolls with this person are now ‘easy’.
      4. You can continue to ask questions etc until you fail a roll, then that is it. Finished. All social rules are opposed so remember both people might succeed and so the information might not be complete.

      Hope this all makes sense, any questions, pop them in the comments below or DM them to me.

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