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      I’ve read up the rules about how to deal with surprise in the game now. I will be putting this into action in the forthcoming sessions. Sorry that it appeared that there was some inconsistency in the application of the rule in the last session.

      1) Surprise occurs when people are unaware of the attack or action.

      2) In order to be ‘fair’, there is initially an opposed rule if appropriate. Constantly saying – I am looking around all the time looking for surprise attacks, does not mean that this roll is guaranteed success. For example – looking around in a variety of directions could increase the difficulty of the roll.

      3) This is an opposed roll – for example Perception vs Stealth. Remember you need to succeed and get higher than the opposing roll.

      4) Please stay in character at this point – do not, just because I have asked for a perception roll, suddenly change your actions or state that you are preparing for a surprise attack.

      5) The initiative is then rolled.

      6) If individuals are surprised (that is they did not succeed in their opposed roll) then the following conditions come into action:

      • The target suffers a -10 penalty to initiative
      • Until their Initiative arrives they are considered flat-footed and cannot defend themselves
      • The first attack on the target, if successful, gains a bonus Special Effect
      • For the remainder of the round they may not perform any offensive action

      Example from Guarding the Guildmistress
      This is made up example, these are not the actual stats of the people involved. In examples like this I usuually assign a roll to the opponents rather than rolling for them all individually. The ‘dart throwers’ have a roll of 75% for their stealth roll – they are experts at their job! Characters are on the look out, so perception would be rolled. The difficulty of this would changed for where people are and their location to the placement of the dart throwers. Let’s say Hengist rolls a 45%, Bartleby a 56%, Hasra 78% and Gully 74% – close but not enough to spot the clever dart throwers. Initiative is rolled with all characters reducing their score by 10. They cannot act until their initiative arrives – even if they wish to defend they can’t. Any attacks on the party will gain an additional special effect and for the first round you can only defend. Teleporting and Passive blocking would be defensive so could still be done, but on the initiative score.

      Hope this helps, questions as always are welcomed.

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