🎯Goals: reached or denied?😀😥

Back in August, I wrote a series of blog posts about growing my Twitch Channel in response to an article I read. Well the deadline for these goals were the end of December 2018 so now it is the time for me to engage with them once again and see whether I have achieved any of them.

Not all about the goals

I wanted to add this section to the post before I went any further because I think I have achieved some things which I wanted to celebrate which have nothing to do with data and/or statistics. My Community has grown! I am not referring to numbers here but people. I have been blessed with a great community which constantly come along to support my stream. To these people I am always so grateful to! We also managed to get an official name for the community – yes we are called the ‘in-crowd’! Contributions from the community has been excellent. Not just turning up but engaging with the silly questions I pose, supporting me and others within the stream and providing advice and clips for me to grow my channel. And, perhaps the most important, The laughs! These really make my streams so enjoyable! Although I hope to grow, enjoyment is still my key priority for my streams and although I am not allowed to share the video below on the Twitch Reddit, I wanted to share it here, just in case you have not seen it.

The video that nearly got me banned on the Twitch Reddit!

How have I helped myself

What advice would you give me to grow my channel?

I think the first thing to say is how I have worked hard on achieving these goals. I wasn’t planning on just sitting around and for the them to just fall onto my lap. So what did I do in order to achieve these?

  1. I made a conscious decision to use Stream Elements and OBS.live to stream with. I wanted to ensure that I wasn’t procrastinating about this which might lead to not providing a consistent stream. I created a set overlay and went for it, including versions for Halloween and Christmas.
  2. I maintained a consistent streaming session. Although I lost my RPG games on Tuesdays and Thursdays I maintained the rest of the schedule, only having to cancel when work made it impossible to stream.
  3. I engaged with some special events, the Halloween Stream with the spooky Outlast and Stream everyday in December.
  4. Within Elder Scrolls Online, rather than constantly creating new characters I actually started to participate more in the events and the end game.
  5. I tried to participate with other peopl’s streams within the #ESOfam and the RPG main streamers

So, now I have identified that I did try, let’s have a look at the goals and how well I have done…

Growing my Twitch Channel: Average number of viewers consistently 10+

I was hoping that consistency would help this, as well as increasing the number of times I would be streaming. Well, the good news is that there has been some increase here! Initially I was averaging about 6.4 in my average viewers. From the analytics below you can see that December’s data reveals 16 average viewers! If I look for the whole of 2018 it’s only 9.4, but from September to December it is 16 – so I am saying I have achieved this – hooray! – now to maintain it!

Growing my Twitch Channel: Number of Subscribers consistently 10+

Well this was always going to be a hard one. I tend to go up and down with my subscribers, and it is very hard to check the analytics since people all sub and resub at different times. Recently, over the ‘Stream every day in December’ event, I had some subs gifted – which was epic! Currently I have 34 subs so it would appear that I am over the ten. Again, it is going to be a continuing target to actually maintain this level – fingers crossed that I can achieve this.

Things are going great!

Growing my Twitch Channel: Number of Followers 1500+:

This was initially set up because I wanted to be a member of the Stream Elements Dream Team and, for this, you need 20,000 followers. I have managed to reach this target, just. Currently I have 1580 followers so another win! Still quite a way to go until we get the magical 20k though!

Growing my Twitch Channel: Twitch Raider Achievement :

Why do I find it so hard to raid! I think that it is because I don’t leave time at the end of my streams to actually do this. Plus I get confused when and where to execute the command so that it works. I’m working on this still though and I must say I am not far off gaining the achievement!

Further work needed here!

Summing up

Well I think overall it has been a positive four months. There has been some lows but the majority of the time I have been blessed with some excellent additions to the in community. I’m determined to continue to grow and really appreciate all the advice that people are giving me, so if you do have some then feel free to add it in the comments below. Coming soon are my goals for the next four months – I’m just watching a few videos to see how to set these in preparation and then I will be ready. So if you would like to know when they are published, then just subscribe to the site and you can receive regular updates. Hope to see you in my live streams and have yourself a great new year!

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