Grow crops! Grow!!!!!!! —arrrgggghhh!

I’m definitely not a quitter but somethings certainly do try me. I continue to try to make an impression with Minecraft, trying to find my niche within the game which I enjoy and can succeed with. In an attempt to learn and play the game and understand the mechanics of it, I decided to try and ‘survive’ without being the server’s administrator and all the benefits which this brings. I created a new account and set off into the survival world – why did noone tell me how hard this was!!!

  • Motion Sickness – I really don’t understand this, but I do feel dreadfully sick when I am trying to play the game, especially if I am trying to build something. I’ve checked the internet and got some solutions one of which is chewing gum. This appeared to work, or I was concentrating so much on trying not to lose my fillings that I forgot about feeling sick. You can probably see the increased chewing when the feeling of nausea arrives.

  • Lacking Creativity – I’m not the most creative person around at all, mainly being more practical. As well as feeling sick when building, the lack of creativity means that the final builds are…well…dull? I’ve been watching some videos by Grian but I end up just copying the design or not actually ‘seeing’ how to design. I am trying, although resisting the urge to make all my builds a set symmetrical shape has been difficult. I’ve made a start with my current house – the floor looks nice! I think I need to investigate more the ‘block’ method of building within Minecraft to help me with this and also to make all the initial lines an odd number rather than even – with the latter the windows/doors never go into the middle!

  • Maybe take on a challenge – I do like a challenge and I thought, rather than going out and killing a whole load of animals for food, maybe I should create a farm! I’ve managed to plant some wheat and it is growing, but I get the feeling that it only grows while I am actually on the server? Is this how it works? I was hoping to take a break from the server and come back to rolling fields of wheat – only to find that it had hardly grown! I have a feeling that my bread production is sadly lacking at the moment!

  • Not sure where to go next, apart from continue to attack Minecraft! You can find episode four of my attempt at minecraft below and please, if you have any suggestions to areas I could explore or even how to help my wheat production I would be very grateful…

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