Growing everything!

In the beginning

Yes, as the title may suggest I’m working hard at getting some growth across the internet. Specifically this includes this website (please subscribe), my Twitch Channel and my Youtube channel. As you are probably aware, before I can monetize my content I need to get a lot more subscribers and views so I’ve decided to up my game a bit.

Concentrating on Youtube

First tactic to achieve this is to basically ask a simple question…have you subscribed? I know some people watch and hopefully enjoy my content, so if you do and you haven’t pressed that YouTube subscribe button then please just click it :). I have other strategies about to go into action so don’t worry I am not just going to use the begging tactic. I know that there needs to be a reason for coming back to the channel so that’s what I am working on next.

Existing Content

If you are a keen role player then you will be able to find plenty of actual play videos on my site. These focus mainly on Mythras and Shadowrun but there are some D&D 5e ones there as well if you like that game. I know they are long and not edited well, but that is the first thing I am going to be working on. We are having a bit of a break with RPGs at the moment, mainly due to people’s schedules. My plan is to start producing some more edited content. This will allow you to see the best bits of the games without having to wade through the whole session. If the latter is what you like to watch then they will still be available so don’t worry.

New Content

Yes as well as working harder with my existing content, I’ve decided to make some new stuff! I’m going to have a go at creating some Youtube videos. This content will only be available on my Youtube channel. There will also be some content that only goes on my Youtube Channel, definitely worth clicking that subscribe button and that bell button! I’m also going to purchase a new blogging camera to see if I can do some vlogs! yes you heard that correctly! Not sure if anyone would like to come along with my on my exciting life journeys but I’m definitely going to give it a go!

Get me going!

If you have any other suggestions how to grow my channels then please let me know. I am currently reading and watching a lot of strategies and any extra support/help would be great. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the support you have given me so far and I look forward to sharing my new content with you!

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