A while back I wrote a waffle about how I was investing time into my Twitch channel. Following on from this, I was reading an articles titled, 9 Ways to Grow Your Twitch Channel in 2018. Always wanting to improve, I thought I would go through the questions and answer them and work on growing my Twitch Channel. Hopefully this will help me focus on various aspects for a future great community and channel!

Setting Goals

The first on the list of nine items is setting goals. Being familiar with education, SMART targets are something which I engage with a lot. The article talks about using Twitch as a business and focusing on;

gaining more views or subscribers, and remember, the more well-thought-out your goals are, the more likely you are to follow through on them.

I’m happy to focus on this, although I know that looking at analytics can be interrupted either positively or negatively. So there are two areas there, more views and/or subscribers. Twitch provides some detailed analytics about both my channel and individual streams so I will be able to gain some data which would reflect targets set in these areas. There appears to be a fine balance between setting targets which are ambitious and targets which are impractical. I don’t want to under sell myself but at the same time I don’t want to set targets which are really quite laughable. So, this is what I thought.

my current analytics showing how I will be growing my Twitch Channel

End of Goals

We are currently in August, so these goals are for the end of this year – so to be achieved within 5 months (I’m getting nervous already!).

Growing my Twitch Channel: Average number of viewers consistently 10+

This would be across the board, either within a stream and across my channel. Currently this is set at about 6.4 so I’ve got a bit to go. I’m aware that some of my streams have very low numbers so hopefully the average will help to counteract this.

Growing my Twitch Channel: Number of Subscribers consistently 10+

When I actually first got affiliate status I actually nearly got 20 subscribers, but this quickly fell so the word ‘consistently’ is important here. If I can get over ten every month, then that would be great! I know this is a greater level of commitment to the channel than just following, but hopefully I will be able to attract people and get them to become part of the community.

Growing my Twitch Channel: Number of Followers 1500+:

I’m already at approximately 1,200 so I hope that I will be able to encourage people to press that follow button and have them come back every time I stream.

Growing my Twitch Channel: Twitch Raider Achievement :

This will be my final target. I really like that Twitch has achievements to go for – love gamification! At the end of my stream and I just usually host so I am going to try and do more raiding! I think I might need 100 raids with at least two raiders. Wish me luck with this one!

Summing up!

So that’s it, goals set and in place – I’m going to add these to a panel on my channel and they also appear on the intermission screen. The next stage is to decide how I will be trying to achieve these goals, so don’t forget to subscribe to the website so you get notification. Hope to see you again!

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