Growing my Twitch Channel #2 – Consistency, Games and Value.

A while back I wrote a waffle about how I was investing time into my Twitch channel. Following on from this, I was reading an articles titled, 9 Ways to Grow Your Twitch Channel in 2018. Always wanting to improve, I thought I would go through the questions and answer them and work on growing my Twitch Channel. I wrote about Setting Goals in the first waffle on this topic, and this time I am going to be tackling three issues, Consistency, Games and Value.


One thing which I really like about my personality and the level of commitment I have. I almost see everything I get involved in as a job and therefore, if I say I am going to do something then generally it will happen. For example, being a DM for three campaigns I try never to cancel a session because I haven’t had time to plan for the session. The only times this does happen is usually because of how work impacts on my Twitch streams. When it comes down to consistency and a streaming schedule I feel that I have this one sorted!

Weekly Schedule

My weekly schedule is generally set. I sometimes fit in some surprise random streams and it does change if I am on holiday, but generally it is fixed and I keep to it. I stream 5 times a week, including twice on a Saturday. I was watching a video about improving your channel over the weekend and they said that you should stream for a minimum of four hours. I actually only do 3 so this is something I need to try and improve. Although it is not possible to start earlier on the weekday evenings – the full time job often interferes with this! – I am planning on starting an hour earlier on the weekends. If you are not aware of my schedule here it is – All times are BST/GMT

Tuesday, 19:00 – Shadowrun RPG ; Thursday, 19:00 – Call of Cthulhu RPG ; Saturday 15:00 – Elder Scrolls Online ; Saturday 19:00 – Mythras Fantasy RPG, Sunday 15:00 – Elder Scrolls Online.

Which Games to play.

There is a lot out there about the type and title of games you should play. Many people go for the hard hitters – e.g. Fortnite and PUBG – but many people say that in order to increase the growth of your channel you need to look at sites such as Twitch Strike and play some of the popular games but also some of the less popular games so that you are not right at the bottom of the list of 300 channels. I do think that which games you play is a ‘two edged sword’. Although you might play the less popular games, there are not the viewers of those games to allow your channel to grow. If the average number of viewers of a game is say, 300, once you have those that’s it – end of growth unless you diversify. One video said that within your schedule you should play one less popular game, something he called ‘below the top eleven’, once a week.

Me and My Games

I do wonder whether this is the current downfall of my stream. Elder Scrolls Online has a well established following and trying to actually ‘wiggle’ into that is not the easiest. I have built up some regular community members, but keeping them is always an issue for me, plus what value I provide – more about this below. Although RPG games are growing in popularity I don’t play the hard hitting one, D&D 5e. I used to play SWTOR and really enjoyed that game and I could go back to playing this throughout the week. I also really want to get into Sims4 and Minecraft – I have an idea about the former one for a series but I am wondering whether this is more a YouTube series rather than playing it live on Twitch. Every game I play I really enjoy and have fun with and this is the most important thing for me. I tried to play Fortnite and was bored within seconds – well maybe more like minutes! I think I am going to stick with the games I play but try to diversify slightly – I’ve re-patched SWTOR so maybe there will be some of this in the future. With all these games I play – am I a variety streamer? never know the answer to that one!

Possible Stream Value

OMG – this is the one I hate to engage with. The original article, provides the following options for a value added stream :

  • To Help Make Purchase Decisions
  • To Get Tips and Advice on Games
  • To Watch Professionals
  • To Be Entertained by a Streamer’s Personality
  • Be Unique
  • Share Your Gaming Knowledge
  • Make Your Stream Channel Visually Appealing

That’s quite a long list! I’m not sure if you are meant to pick one or tick them all! I’m really trying to work on this one at the moment.

Value I provide?

I am definitely not a professional and I actually don’t know enough about the games I play to provide loads of advice. Although I have been streaming for 8 years! (I know..say nothing!) I’m still not an expert. I always thought of myself as a learner/newbie but this doesn’t appear to be on the list of values, and I can definitely see that watching a learner does not provide that much value. Tackling the ‘visually appealing’ one, I have been working on this, watching loads of videos and practising my After Effect skills to the max! I’m not super rich or super talented, so what you see is what you get! I think it looks good and some viewers have commented on it – which I see as a plus! Personality/uniqueness? Well I am definitely unique and I always try to be myself, which could be a problem – but I think being true to yourself is important. With respect to gaming knowledge, I am working hard on this – I am reading reddits and the games webpage and trying to engage with the events. Luckily my community members often mention things on my stream and I quickly jot them down and use them throughout – I always give credit of course!

In Summary

So lots of work to do here. To summarise;

  1. I’m going to have a look at the games I play and maybe try to extend my schedule to include some unusual games or even set something up so people can vote to see me playing a different game – I just hope its not PUBG since I can’t aim to save my life!
  2. I’m reading lots and trying to involve myself in the games I play beyond just playing them – looking at events and even writing blog posts about them – this helps me engage with them in my mind!
  3. I’m going to continue to work on what my stream looks like, using the best of my ability. This is going to be difficult, but I hope that people like what they see both on the overlays and one the webcam! (can’t do much about the latter!)

Although this probably belongs in the above list I wanted so end this waffle on it. So finally, have confidence in my own ability and uniqueness. This is important for me and I need to continue to be who I am and say what I feel – that some how sounds very familiar 🙂

Next time, interactivity and my equipment – should be interesting if not entertaining!

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