Growing my Twitch Channel #3 – Interactivity

In the beginning

I feel that before I engage with this, the third in the series of the waffles about growing my Twitch channel, I need to provide some background. First remember you can read my previous posts on this topic on this website – the first about setting targets and the second on consistency, games and value. I have been looking at this idea of interaction for some time and I have tried various ideas so it was interesting to see what the article suggested and whether I had already tried it and how successful it had been.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Chat Room

I consider myself a pro at this nowadays! I have used a wealth of chatbot programs from Anhkbot to Deep Bot and even Chatty! I really like to see the chat and what people are talking about. But I also like to say ‘hi’ to my regulars and ask them about their day and also how things are going. I’m a small streamer – in number not in height – well probably at 5’9″ in height as well! So I can actively engage with the people who come into my chat. A few months ago – I used to pounce on anyone who I actually saw in my viewer list although, after someone pointed out to me that this was not Twitch Etiquette and that I could lose both viewers and followers I have stopped this. I actually now stream without the viewer list up at all. If someone says ‘hi’ in chat I can easily pick it up and I just hope that people don’t think I am ignoring them if they are just lurking. Come to think of it, I often lurk so I understand what the person was referring to!

Keep talking on the Stream

Well I generally don’t have a problem with this – I tend to waffle on about everything as I am streaming. There are some times when I struggle, usually when I have my ‘constipated face’ on as I heal a dungeon or try desperately to get out of the way of those dizzy swinging one button 2-Handers in the battleground – As you can see from the following clip, sometimes I even can’t get away from them by falling!

It’s really nice to have a consistent community within my stream – yes it is small, but it is quality that counts, not quantity! Often the conversation actually continues between the actual viewers which I love, especially if people are asking for help and I don’t have the gaming knowledge to support them!

Ask Questions

Mmmmmm, interesting one! I’m still really new to the game, so I am often asking questions about the game and what I should craft etc. I tend to be very decisive so I am often asking should I play this class or this class. I have found that this is not a good question to ask, mainly since I tend to hear the same response as I give people who ask the same question in the chat – play whichever you enjoy! I do often make a list of questions or topics which I would like to engage with within the stream – these are on my faithful notebook which is always to my left!. I do think that I could probably ask more questions which are relevant to my viewers. I’m definitely going to try and achieve this – engaging with more of the community on Reddits and Twitch is helping no end!

Get the Audience Involved

In the original article there are two sections, one about moderators and one about a ‘bot’ in the chat. I have both of these covered so I am not going to be spending words waffling about them. However I do want to talk about the section -“Getting the Audience Involved”. I really struggle with this although I do recognise how important it is. The original article actually states;

If you can make your audience feel like they are playing an active role in your gaming rather than just watching you play then their investment levels will skyrocket, leading to repeat viewings, follows, and subscriptions.

The article talks about the following areas – online games, viewer decisions, currency (the last one is not actually there, but I think it leads to the others. – so I am going to engage with these one at a time!

Setting Currency

I have really tried to engage with this so many times. The concept is that there is a channel currency which the viewers receive from watching the stream, gambling in games, or donating/hosting/following. As this currency increases, the viewers get the opportunity to use their hard earn currency on a range of options, for example song requests or activities which the streamer will do – for example press-ups on stream! I have really had very little success with this. I have either set the rate of the currency completely wrong, or I have found that viewers who are constantly in my chat (mainly bots from channels like CommanderRoot etc) get loads of currency and end up at the top of the list all the time! Also – I don’t think I have the sort of viewers who actually engages with the currency. I have tried to reset it before – with some interesting responses. I think that maybe, I will just leave this for a while, or come up with a different idea.

Online Games

I actually added one of these games to a panel below my stream and it proved quite successful for a while. I understand that some of the bits donated actually went to the people who designed the game, but it was quite successful for me as the streamer as well. The article talks about Jackbox games, which viewers can involve themselves in via their mobiles. I actually saw this in action on a HarrisHeller’s channel, although it appeared that there was a lot of people in the chat, but few playing the game. There are the games which come with the Chatbot like heist and arena or even the Streamlabs overlay. I have these on my channel, but I am not sure how much action they have. Not really sure waht to do with these games – a bit like the currency! See why they call me indecisive!

Viewer Decisions

I sometimes which my viewers would make more decisions for me! Please tell me who to play! :). Within ESO I have asked if they want me to open/buy crates which was sucessful but with the RPG games, the players tend to prefer not to have this option available to the viewers.I have tried some activities relating to this. ‘Haturday’ was a Saturday stream where I wore the hat which the viewer chose by voting 100bits. This seemed to go well, although I think a better range of funny hats are required! Also I tried a ‘This or That voting game – do you prefer cats or dogs – although some people did vote, I think it is more that it served no real purpose and had little impact on the game/stream. I do think that I am going to to try and reach a goal and when it is reached or if it is reached, I’ll do something silly – e.g. wear my giraffe onesie for the stream!! I think in order to bring this one forward, I’m going to have to view some ideas that other people have or ask my viewers what they would like me to do. I do pull my hair out with this one!!!!

In summary

So, that’s the difficult one for me! Although I hope that I am welcoming and interact well with my viewers I think I have a long way to go with this one! If I am expecting to grow, I need to try and discover ways to engage my viewers rather than just my rather unique gameplay! As always, if you have any suggestions, please do let me know – the comment section below these blog posts is always open!

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