Growing my Twitch Channel #4 – My Equipment!!

In the beginning

Welcome to the fourth in my series of growing my Twitch channel. It this post we are going to have a look at my equipment. Remember you can read my previous posts on how I am growing my Twitch channel on this website – the first about setting targets and the second on consistency, games and value and the third on Interactivity.

my equipment

Not an expert

I would like to start off by saying that I am really not an expert in this area at all. Although I really like dabbling with programs, when it actually comes to hardware, I’m completely at a lost. As a matter of fact, I haven’t bought my own computer for a number of years. I just wait for my brother to buy a new one and get him to order two! I do pay for my own though! When it comes to software I need to feel in control and comfortable with it. I don’t like programs which create a range of extra files or try to do my thinking for me. Yes I’m a control freak! I actually streamed for several months not realising that I had to turn the HD on my webcam! #noob! Although I am not expert I am a learner and I love doing it. I can watch informational videos on YouTube all day if needed, just to get a better understanding of things. I’m also not afraid to ask questions, no matter how stupid they might sound and, coupled with this, my dogmatic perseverance, I am well placed to find answers and hopefully improve.

My current equipment

You can actually find all the details of my equipment on my Twitch channel in a panel below it, but I don’t mind repeating myself and providing some basic info in relation to growing my channel!

my overlay

Visually appealing

Yes I have the classic Logitech C920 webcam. Now that I have figured out how to put it into HD mode, it has improved the ‘look’ of me on the stream – well as much as a webcam can improve my look! I did, by accident, buy an Elgato Green Screen, but I had to rearrange my streaming den (actually a corner of my bedroom) in order to accommodate it. It provides a really clean image when I have it up, although currently I am putting myself in a little box on the stream rather than blanking out the background.

Overlays and bots

In order to grow your channel, your actually stream has to look good as well as yourself. Because of this, overlays and alerts are really important. I have recently settled on StreamElements as my ‘streaming bot’ of my choice. I realise that the majority of people might use StreamLabs, but I really couldn’t deal with it and I found it was duplicating things on my harddrive which I dislike! I actually use many of StreamElements overlays, mainly because I’m not super creative and can’t design to save my life! I like the all one colour look at the moment, I feel in control and consistent, so I’m a happy streamer!

my mixer

Prefect Sound

As well as looking good on the stream, many improvement videos and articles, including the one on Gleam, talk about having good sound. I actually have a sound mixer and a microphone which hovers above my head, out of shot. I’ve never really been able to get the levels correct on my mixer. For me I can hardly hear the output from the other channels, but if I put the volume up so I can hear them, viewers get deafened! I’m not sure what I am doing wrong and believe me I have looked at several articles and videos about this! As for my own voice, I’m trying to be a bit quieter on stream – I get excited and keen and apparently I then shout – viewers have commented – #sorry for busting your eardrums! I did watch an Alpha Gaming video about sound and adjusted some of the dials on the mixer, although noone really noticed. I’m happy though that maybe I am sounding better πŸ™‚

my mic

In Summary

Coupled with my StreamDeck and three monitors I feel that I have probably got some of the best equipment I can afford. I’m not saying that the streaming experience is perfect, but I think I am there with this one. Hopefully my viewers share my conclusion! Next up – social media and getting my name out there!

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