Haunted House – D&D 5e RPG Session!

Yes!, D&D!

So, we were trying to think about something different to do this week because of Halloween being just round the corner, so I reached out on Twitter and got a response! Apparently there is a great module called ‘The Haunt’ Since this was a Fantasy Grounds Module and after my recent blog post and responses, it seemed somehow appropriate to bite the bullet and dive into some D&D and FG action!

Learning Curves!

As people had predicted, I had two rather steep learning curves to endure! First was getting used to the FG system and second was having to have even a small understanding of the D&D 5e rules. Although I have DMed the latter before, it was some time ago, and I never really got completely secure with the rules. As for FG, well I watched loads and loads of videos in order to gain some understanding of the program which I think I managed although we still had had to fudge some of the actions such as targeting and hit points – yes we actually thought the first box was for the total that we reduced, so actually the characters all started off as being dead and rolling death saves! However, I think we finally cracked it and the game got onto a positive start.

The battle with the Big Ugly Eye! – as the disintegration ray takes out the wall!

New Overlay

I actually watched several videos about how to setup FG for a DM but really couldn’t find a set up with I really liked. So in the end I settled for a way a watched when I felt I needed a new overlay. Yes, I had to create a new overlay as well since I found that I wanted a bigger map area than while using Roll20. I found another YouTube video for this and set about creating something which turned out quite respectable! Next time I might make the chat/combat tracker bigger so that I can just drop it over the chat box, as aforementioned videos had recommended! I should have taken notice of them!

Rules – don’t comment!

Well, this was the interesting part of the game. I actually spent the game getting completely confused by actions and bonus actions, spells and cantrips and the difference between saves and checks! I still don’t think I got it right at the end! I was also rather shocked when I show the two first monsters, a couple of gargoyles, and how many hit points they had and the fact they had resistance to something! I fudged their hit points! I know it was probably wrong, but I didn’t feel like wiping the party at the first combat! Although one of the players did say afterwards that they thought that they were going to experience TPK with the Big Ugly Eye! I am guessing that I need to check a whole load of rule checking before next time!

And finally

I have often wondered whether it was the game which made my players be super creative and brilliant at RPGs, but I found out last night that that is not the case. I was really impressed how they reacted within the new rule set and actually carried on their usual high degree of role playing. Well done guys! I’m not sure whether we will return to the Haunted House again or even the ruleset, but to be honest with you, I really enjoyed the module, the rules and the program to stream with. I usually use the phrase, the grass is always green elsewhere but when you get it there it is still grass, and this was definitely the case with this session. It was definitely still grass, but the long lush type which is lovely to wiggle your bare feet in!

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