How did Halloween go?

Did you have a good one?

Well, Halloween has passed us by for another year and I have been quite pleased with my ‘two’ streams which I managed to do to celebrate the holiday season. First we played The Haunted module using the 5e D&D ruleset. This also allowed me to actually use Fantasy Grounds for the first time! We didn’t manage to complete the adventure, although we left the characters recovering from a nasty Beholder! Reminds me of a T-shirt design I did myself. I’m not much of an artist but I am trying :). On the actual evening I managed to get home from my full time job quick enough to actually play some Outlast on stream. I also let me ‘!redeem scream’ command to be free and available to everyone. I think this might have been a mistake. I ended up jumping at things in the game as well as every time someone used the command – especially in scary situations. Of course, I should share the clips which people made of me jumping! So enjoy and I hope you had a good halloween as well!

Plenty more in the clips section of my Twitch Channel!

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