How did I do? – Updates for my targets set for 2017

Tomorrow I head back to my day job and I am expecting the similar salutation from many people – “Happy New Year and did you have a good Christmas?” After the usual adjectives have been employed, for example – ‘nice’, ‘quiet’, family’, I wonder how long before the discussion will get onto New Year Resolutions. I think that research shows that these generally last a maximum of about three weeks, if you are lucky, before they disappear into non-existence and we flop back to the way we were. For me, I tend not to set resolutions, but more targets to achieve and so this waffle is going to detail whether I have succeeded with last year’s targets before setting new ones for 2018!

One thing I want to get out of my system straight away, apart from the multitude of sugar molecules and other alien food stuffs from my blood stream, is that I never think that you should set targets, or resolutions, which depend on other people. Saying things like I want to get more viewers on my stream would be a great result, but really this is not down to me it is more down to other people joining the stream. Yes you could advertise more and provide giveaways in a vain hope of attracting more viewers, but even then, this is not guaranteed. I much prefer to keep my targets limited to things I can do and then when I succeed or fail – then I am the only one to be blamed. So what were last year’s targets? Well you can read the full waffle here but I have provided a brief summary below.

Summary of Targets – in case you don’t want to read the whole waffle!

  1. A regular streaming schedule which I maintain throughout the year
  2. Increase the range of games I play – including Shadowrun and a ‘quick game’ maybe on my XBoxOne, and Minecraft!
  3. Develop my Discord, YouTube, Website and Twitter to promote community and interaction
  4. Play more Minecraft and develop the servers – once again!

So how did I do – well, here goes! Honesty must prevail!

  • A regular streaming schedule which I maintain throughout the year – BOOM!! I must have achieved this! I know that at one point I was streaming a lot more than at the end of the year, but I was really finding a busy streaming schedule difficult especially with the demands of work etc. I now actually stream four times a week on a regular basis and, although I really want to add one more streams to this, I am happy with it. Any more would result in me having to stream myself prepping for games which I DM. Although this might be enjoyable to some viewers I feel that I am physically excluding some of my community since they play the games I would be prepping and so would not be able to watch the session. Although I am not a streamer who streamers every day for huge amounts of time, I am regular…and, hopefully, the content of the streams are worth waiting for!

  • Increase the range of games I play – including Shadowrun and a ‘quick game’ maybe on my XBoxOne, and Minecraft! – Okay, mixed results on this one. Over the Christmas vacation, I actually did take a duster to my XBoxOne and removed what appeared to be a whole year’s worth of dust! Although I ran the updates I then turned it off and I think it will probably remain in the corner until this time next year. As for Minecraft – AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH – more about this later! However, I have included new games with Shadowrun and Mythras being on the regular schedule and with Guild Wars 2 and Starfinder on the sidelines preparing for possible appearances. I actually mention in the original target post that Star Wars will always be on my schedule but unfortunately this has been replaced currently with Elder Scrolls Online which I am enjoying immensely. So, because of Minecraft and XBoxOne, I am claiming a partial success with this one – that’s one and a half out of two so far!

  • Develop my Discord, YouTube, Website and Twitter to promote community and interaction– I’m claiming this as a success! I have worked really hard on discord and my website and have tried to tweet more often throughout the year and engage with other people’s tweets and comments. Although the community is not HUGE, I think I do have one, and its a nice friendly one which cascades over to my stream. Youtube is developing, although I probably need to move away from just posting my RPG streams. I actually wrote a post ages ago about whether I should go with Discord or Curse and I’m really pleased I went with the David. So with this one, I feel I have succeeded so that’s two and a half out of three!

  • Play more Minecraft and develop the servers – once again! – AAARRRGGGHHHHH !!!!! I really don’t know what to do with this target. Every year I set it for myself as I actually pay for Minecraft servers and every year I get to this point and I have done nothing at all. Throughout the year I have changed the content of the servers, changing one to a modded server, having a Sky World on another, and even having a creative world. But this has not actually encouraged me to play on them at all. The reason why I don’t engage with Minecraft is two fold. Firstly, if I am moving around a lot I tend to get dreadfully motion sickness playing it. This can easily be overcome by playing for a limited amount of time or taking regular breaks. However, the main issue with playing Minecraft is that I am not sure what to do! When you play a MMO you have levels to achieve and characters to create, but with Minecraft there is none of this. I see people within the community being very creative (for example Andypuk1980) which is something which I really can’t do. Whenever I try to make a house, it turns out to be a cube stone building with a flat roof! I must admit, I am coming closer to terminating all the servers and admitting defeat over this one. No matter what, I’m definitely not going to set it as a target next year because I feel that I am just setting myself up to fail. And talking of fails – this is definitely a failed target – so that’s two and half out of four.

  • Well I am quite pleased with that! Two and a half out of four is more than half of the targets achieved – well just more, but I’m taking it. I think next year I’m going to print out a copy of these targets and put them up on the wall so I am reminded myself of them everyday so that my focus is refreshed all the time. Or maybe, and this is a bit crafty, I could just set myself four really easy targets which I am guarantee to succeed with! Would I do that? Well in the next waffle you will be able to see what targets I do set myself. If you have any ideas what these targets should be then by all means add them in the comments below!

    So, until next time have fun and I’ll catch you all later and, until then, consider yourself waffled!

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