How I survive being a content creator.


One of the hardest thing I find being a content creator and keeping motivated and positive. I spoke about my values in a recent video and one of them was positivity. But it is always hard to maintain this when you are always looking at analytics, views and listens. However, rather than being negative, I thought I write a positive post about how to keep my ‘pecker up!’. Author’s note: I hope that doesn’t sound rude!

Always seeking ways to improve

Many people might say, ignore your analytics and just enjoy what you are doing. that is completely correct you should enjoy what you are doing but if you want to grow, improve and get better, I think it is essential to look at what is doing well and what isn’t.

An example of this would be my Mythras Videos. Although the actual play doesn’t do well, the rule videos do. However, this is a very small niche market so, in order to see further growth, I would need to diversify into another ‘area’. This is why I have started the Gibbering GM series (when I get it completely up and running!). I perceive this at a bigger market and something which I might squeeze into via the backdoor and, if my vids are up to standard, I might get a few more views and subs.

It is fine to look at your analytics, as long as you keep a positive outlook at look at them constructively.

Stay true to yourself

As a content creator, I always sign up for free downloads and watch suggested videos. Although producers of the video above might not consider the title clickbait, for me it is exactly that. It is clever and really well done and I am sure that they have plenty of views and subs because of it, as well as producing some quality content.

I watch these videos seeking to improve but they often lead me frustrated. I understand how to get sponsors and support from companies. However, I am not the sort of content creator that videos like this are targeted to. Although initially you might think it is and grab at the opportunity to make make money ‘freely’, these videos are not for small content creators such as myself. I can watch them and dream of the time I get to this level, but I recognise that I am smaller than this. I would also say that you could start to creat certain videos to meet the needs of companies but is this really what you want to do? For me, my content comes first and then, if any company likes them, then the sponsors come next. Stay true to yourself and produce the content you are happy with.

Celebrate other people’s success

One thing which I personally find difficult is when I see other people doing really well when I’m making little or no progress. Yes, I guess you are right, I am jealous! There is nothing worse than working extremely hard and seeing little or no improvements. But I have developed a way to cope with this and celebrate with them.

Person standing at the top of a mountain
Tough climb to success!

First, we are not all in competition with each other. I am not an expert player in the games which I stream and my YouTube videos are not the best produced. Plus I think everyone probably makes content better than me. However, I am unique, as a person. I’m not sure why people watch my videos or view my stream, but I like to think it is because it’s me doing it.

Everyone is on a different journey and often the amount of work people do is completely hidden. We all have different commitments and different demands on our time. The important thing is that you stick with your journey and not try to hop onto others. I like to celebrate others success because I understand how hard it is to gain it. And that is worth celebrating it with them which will hopefully come round to me eventually.


Staying positive is not easy. Not everyone can be a content creator because you constantly have to be challenging yourself, staying positive and smiling. There are times, and I will be honest, that I walk hope from my full-time job or sit along at night feeling down because I am not making as much progress I would like. But I remind myself that the amount of progress is not about what you would like or even want. If I look back to where I was this time last year, I recognise the improvements I have achieved and this makes me smile.

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