Hunting Hunters…

As you might be aware, I am always flitting from class to class in order to ascertain which one I have the most affinity for. After playing the paladin for a while, I thought I would venture into the realm of PvP for a while, and what better class to embark on this venture than the Hunter!

Qez the Hunter
Qez the Hunter

When World of Warcraft first started I was going to play a hunter but instead opted for my Shaman. One of my favourite characters from Dark Age of Camelot was an enchanter called Qez and I used the same name when I created my goblin hunter, shortly after the new goblin race came out. There are several things I like about the hunter and about an equal number which I dislike. Let’s start with the positives.


  • Easy Gear – don’t get me wrong here, I don’t mean that the gear is easy to get – if you have ever queued for a raid with a DPS class then you know it takes a while, I was thinking more like the options of gear to choose based on spec. With my shaman I go to any vendor and I have three choices – healer, ranged dps, or melee dps. Once I see these, I then have to make another decision – if I am going to play the class, which role would I prefer. This is always a lengthy process and often is never completed, with me logging off to consider the choice further. With the hunter, as far as I can tell, the choice is the same despite the spec. This really reduces the choices and makes it a lot easier for me to make a decision. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Pets Galore! – I really like taming pets! I can’t do the hard ones which require some sort of skill, but the ones you just have to wait and wait (and most often wait some more) until they spawn, these I can do. I like the beast mastery spec so I have all the exotic creatures to choose from, so this can keep me busy for a long time! Hopefully I won’t run out of stable space!
  • Click away – now don’t get me wrong here, I am not an expert on rotations, but the hunter’s rotation appears to be quite simple – which is why it is a positive for me to play. I can shot and move – which is good for me, since multitasking in the game is not something I do well, and there does not appear to be many additional tasks for me to complete. I don’t think I can BL!!! or CR!!! which is good.
  • The perfect mount for Qez - with BigBeetle his pet in the front :)
    The perfect mount for Qez – with BigBeetle his pet in the front ๐Ÿ™‚

    Negatives (for me)

  • Like a Corsa – I only ever remember one car joke – “what does a Corsa and belly buttons have in common? – everyone has one”. Actually, come to think of it, was it a Corsa or a mini? oh well…My point is that everyone seems to me to play a hunter. They seem to be as common as anything, and I often see requests in chat for ranged DPS or new guild members that have a tagline of = “No more hunters!” This makes me think there are too many and that the chance of joining a raid or guild is severely reduced. Also, the chance to be different is low.
  • Lack of versatility – One think I dislike is the lack of different options with this class. Although you might think I am contradicting myself here after my gear comment, I don’t like the idea that there is only a limited thing I can do. When I’m playing my shaman, I have options to heal or dps – with my hunter, I dps, dps and at a push….dps.
  • Waiting Times – One think I really do notice, is the difference in waiting times between the different specs. Although I have only ever tanked once (believe me, once was enough for the party!) I am always comparing waiting times for LFR between my healers and my DPS. The difference is quite huge! It is often easier with my shaman to queue and join as a healer and then set the loot to DPS. I do get far more raids ‘popping’ this way. With the hunter…its often a long wait.

As I was writing this, I suddenly became aware of more and more advantages rather than the disadvantages. Perhaps this is telling me something :). At the moment, I thought I would give PVP a go, and playing the hunter is generally slightly easier than the ranged DPS elemental shaman, although the former’s damage is low, this is mainly due to the item level of the gear. Maybe the area are will have a natural affinity to will be a PvP Hunter! You never know!

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