I can’t resist a discount!

If I ever see a discount or an offer I have to seriously think do I need this. This is especially true when shopping and the classic “buy two for the price of one” appears in the aisles. Although this rarely happens in World of Warcraft, there was an offer I couldn’t resist.

Two heads, two jets - two wings - it doesn't get much better!
Two heads, two jets – two wings – it doesn’t get much better!

When I logged on there was an offer of 40% off the Iron Skyreaver mount. Now, believe it or not, I am a great mount fan (that somehow seems wrong) and if I could actually decide on a class to play I am sure I would have all the mounts in the game! – as well as many of the exotic pets that I could tame with my hunter! When I saw this at such a discount I immediately bought it and added it to my mount collection. In order to see how it flew, I jumped onto it with my paladin and headed off into the skies outside Ogrimaar!

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