I HATE Templars!

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I HATE Templars!
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I am writing this blog post with one thought on my mind.

As I have been fighting in the battlegrounds recently I have been plagued by ‘jabbing’ templars, area of effect sorcerers and wardens, and the far flinging arrows of bow fire.

I chose a while back to make my ‘build’ of choice a stamina melee character and have spent some, okay a lot of my time laughing at the aforementioned classes as they easily beat me into the ground.

But from now on, this changes!

Positive mindset

Maintaining a positive outlook is always more important that adopting a negative one. From now on I am going to adopt positivity.

Instead of saying that other people have killed me and they are using this that and the other, I am going to focus on my own skills with my own class.

If they do beat me, then I am going to look at myself and see how I can improve. Rather than saying things like … 

“You must have a bow to survive these battlegrounds”

I’m going to focus on actually playing how I want to play and see it has a positive. 

From now on, its either saying something nice, or say nothing at all!

Don’t use it as an excuse!

If I am going to choose a particular class or style of play, I need to ensure that I have picked this because I like or want to play it.

Currently I tend to look towards something which is difficult to play or is somewhere inferior to the other classes/styles of play. After consider why I do this I have concluded that I do this because I have an excuse when things go wrong – I can blame the class!

But this is going to stop. If I want the perfect cookie cutter/min-max class then these are available and I can just look for them and play them. If I want to play something different, then I have to decide to play in that manner and take all the positives and negatives which accompany it. 

This is going to be hard for me, especially when I am being kicked to the ground several times in a match, but it is something which I need to, and will work on!

Watch this space!


Of course, writing about it is the easy part. But with the weekend fast approaching with two days of PvP action coming up, I’m going to definitely make good progress with it.

We are not going to get rid of the ‘jabby-jabby’ sound or the ‘I can use a bow’ one. These will still be around. But what won’t be will be my negative attitude. This will be replaced with the new determined, positive and resilient me!

Fingers crossed!







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