I have a job, not a vlog!

I long ago realised that I was a bit of a nosy person. I’m not talking about peering through the net curtains at the going-ons of the cul-de-sac – more that I am always interesting in what people are doing and how their lives are different from my own. People watching in a coffee shop is of course a favourite pastime but the other activity I like to do is watch the videos of daily bloggers – but is this something that I could seriously get involved in?


Youtube celebrated its tenth birthday recently, yes I was surprised that it was only its 10th as well – surely it has been around longer than that! I can safely say that Youtube is like my emails, it is something that I check everyday to see what people are up to. It is interesting to watch the daily bloggers and what they actually get up to every day and their routine and also sheer perseverance to keep going. It is a well known fact that we are currently educating/training the younger generation for jobs that might not actually exist at the moment and this is very apparent when you look at the vloggers – who would have thought you could earn a living publishing daily content about what you are doing.

Despite being well over forty, I have indulged in the daily vlogging activity. Mainly through one of the extensive summer holidays that I enjoyed I actually managed to create one video a day for fifty eight days! This was about four years ago now, and they got a staggering 3 to 10 views – with most of them from me looking back at them. But is this something anyone can embark on and actually maintain?

My first daily vlog

Making a video for Youtube, or even writing a blog post, takes time, probably more time than you actually imagine. It takes time to get an idea, time to record it, time to edit it, upload it, create a thumbnail and then publish/advertise it. Although you probably don’t really need to think of an idea for daily blogs, it still requires a lot of input of time – let alone the perseverance to maintain it. I did really enjoy doing my daily videos, although once I had returned to work, the amount of time available to continue these was significantly reduced. Now, with work and my Minecraft server, online gaming and my professional blog, I don’t really think I would have the time to daily blog. Daily blogging could actually be seen as a job – and I think it probably is – and therefore not everyone can actually do it. If I won the lottery and could stop working, maybe it would be something that I could consider as a form of new employment?

The other aspect of the daily vlogger that has to be considered is the actual content. You need to have a life which is varied and interesting and has some sort of attraction. Watching other people’s vlogs I often think what a great life they lead – not that I do not like my own, far from it, just that it is different and varied. I am completely aware that people would not want to watch a daily blog which involves someone like me getting up, going to work, coming home and then heading off to bed! There is also the need for ‘attraction’. I use this term in the broadest sense of meaning that the attraction could actually relate to looks (come on, let’s not be naive here!), personality, activities, information or humour. These are important for the viewer and it is only if you can capitalise on all of these that you can make videos which are watched, enjoyed and gained a fan based. As this fan base increases, this provides your income from adverts and merchandise. If you have a boring dull life with little content, then your Youtube life is probably limited.

So summing up – although I would be like to have continued my daily vlogging I think I really don’t have the time, the ‘attraction’ or the content to actually fulfill the requirements of this job. I’ll leave it to the people who have one or more of the attributes that I have mentioned and just enjoy watching.

My final vlog

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