I need to change YouTube!


I watch, read and listen to a wealth of content relating to YouTube growth, usually written by channels who have millions of viewers. It is often nice to see people in the chat of this YouTube giants when they do premieres sharing that they have similar numbers to me and are trying just as hard as I am to be ‘discovered’ and grow. I recognise that my channel is quite diverse with content and this does not support my growth, so I am thinking of changing my YouTube schedule and I’ll be interested in what you think.

What I create videos about…

I am a very niche creator. I currently have a few areas which I create videos for. A range of role-playing ones, from the Mythras ruleset to how I operate as a GM. Videos which I title, ‘Vaguely Creative’ which are my attempts to do things such as After Effects etc. Some personal blogs, mainly about Anxiety and Me and finally some online games one. This is quite a broad range of videos and I have started to recognise that these are all made for a small group of viewers. Apart from the Mythras ruleset videos, I rarely make any content relating to the ‘how-to’ content market – which I think is probably one of the areas which is mostly searched for on YouTube. Because of this, and the variety of videos I create, I have decided to make a change to my schedule and try to make more YouTube content.

Something must go.

If I look at my schedule for the week, there is not really a huge amount of time to play with. during the week, work takes up the majority of time, although I am actually managing to play online games after 19:30 (BST) for about three hours on the evenings. I currently, and I think it is sensible to do this, take one night off content. On this evening I don’t actually stream but I do catch up with admin things to do with my content career. If I want to make more content, then something has to go, I can’t do everything. It is also worth considering a more balanced approach throughout the week. This need to be consistent and maintainable, otherwise I will just burn out and things will go down hill. So, and I think this is probably the best method at the moment, I am going to sacrifice, one evening stream to dedicate this evening to creating a new video for YouTube.

A New Video every week

Currently I publish one video a week. However, this video could be anyone of the four areas which I create content for. This means that people might only be coming back once a month for my content. If this is the case, then it would explain why things are not progressing too well. My plan, is to publish two videos a week now. Which area is going to get more attention? Well I have a few ideas which are out there at the moment.

  • I enjoy just talking to the camera so I think I might continue my Anxiety and Me videos but also add some kind of additional personal video. These will be of the reflection type, just me talking to the camera about any subject which comes to me. I will need to decide on the ‘form’ and ‘look’ of these but I quite like this idea.
  • I play a lot of Elder Scrolls Online, and really enjoyed making the Morrowind quest video. I used to make monthly Crown Store purchases, but again, I’m not sure how popular these were. Although I am not an expert in ESO, I know a bit, and I think that I might invest in creating some ESO bytesize videos for new starters. Not sure about this, since I know I will be competing with the ESO giants already on YouTube.
  • I really adore role-playing games and I have a lot to say about creating adventures and how to GM and play. Creating these types of videos will again be competing with the RPG giants, so I would have to look at the content and style of these. I have some idea, but they have to be relatively easy to film and edit. Whether I can get something together I’m not sure.


One thing I have to say, is that I never want to look back and think that I hadn’t tried my hardest to grow. I have plenty of ideas to go at and I am determined to hit the magical 1,000 subscribers. But I want to earn it. So if you are not subbing because you are not interested in Mythras or hate my personal blogs, then please give me chance and let me know what you think. I think the new video will be published on a Saturday, so stay tuned!

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