I’m now a designer!

So I have been working hard on my Waffling Shop! I wanted to create something which I could use for the ‘icon’ for my Twitch channel. Now you must remember I am not an artist at all and my understanding of how to use Adobe Illustrator is significantly lacking. But not to be deterred by this I embarked on a lot of jottings, scribbling and endless YouTube Tutorial videos. The result? Well I have come up with something quite basic but something which I think represents my channel and my website. Here’s the video to summarise the above and introduce you to the design.

One of the reasons I decided on this simple design is that I can adapt it and alter it to create different instances of it. For example, by adding a simple cap, I have the cool or chav version of the icon.

I have a whole load of ideas for this including designs specifically related to Twitch, e.g. 24-hour streams and D&D and then others for example designs that incorporate how I might be feeling – e.g. ‘deflated’ and other random ideas, e.g. check-mate. All will be available in the Waffle Shop so you can either just look and discuss your favourite or buy your favourite printed onto the range of items available. You never know, you might even want to start your own collection and, copying a famous quote from a cartoon – ‘collect them all!’

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