Images from the Beta.

In my last live broadcast I continued to level my discipline priest towards 100th, completing 96th, gaining 97th. Rather than boring you with my disastrous attempt at healing and leveling experience I thought I would show you my ‘leveling snaps’. Enjoy!

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Beta Snaps!

Not sure what this off-hand is meant to be – apart from a stylish handbag!

Screenshot 2014-08-02 17.03.28

Not sure if this was a command to me – or an option for the item.

Screenshot 2014-08-02 18.48.56

But then I found more – definitely a note to the developers – did check to make sure there wasn’t one over my head!

Screenshot 2014-08-02 18.49.58

Once I clicked on this flight master – he instantly had two heads!

Screenshot 2014-08-02 17.06.09

How cute are these once frightened PeaChicks which you had to soothe and set free from the nasty black prowlers!

Screenshot 2014-08-02 19.40.21