Immortal Instruments

Last night I watched the film – “The Immortal Instruments -City of Bones”. Did I enjoy it? Well…

You will probably be aware that I don’t actually read a lot of fiction books any more, preferring to listen to them as I walk to work. When choosing titles from Audible to download I am always careful to ensure that I have the unabridged version of the book. As well as wanting to listen to the whole story, I also like to go to Smiths and pick the book off the shelf and see if it is actually find the part of the book that I am currently listening to. What I am beginning to find when watching films that I have previously listen to, is that it is like an abridged version of the book. Often there appears to be important pieces of information missing within the film (probably the editors’/producers’ choice) or situations within the book are explained in much more depth. I do like the way that settings come to life on the screen, although characters often can be very different to what I had previously imagined. So did I enjoy the film?

It was good – which is a general comment – I might watch it again. Generally the more times I watch a film the better it is…who could ever get bored of Aliens! The storyline is, since it is from the book, good – although I was hoping for more fighting scenes. I really like watching martial art films when the fighting is true choreography and, although the film did have some good scenes in, some of the fighting appeared to be played back at a faster speed or was so tight on the frame, that it was difficult to see the true skill of the shadow hunters.

If you haven’t seen it yet and you like this genre, then its a good film to spend the evening watching when you have nothing else to do – but if Aliens is on…go for that 🙂 or…even better…read/listen to the book.

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