In case you thought I was good!

You might be aware that, in my spare time, I play online games. Now most people who do this are experts, they know a lot about the games, they can provide you with advice on builds, progression and items and demonstrate on stream an amazing amount of skills which you can view and sit observing enviously and just aspiring to ascertain their level. Me? well I don’t think I provide any of that and, if you are in any doubt about this statement, then have a look at this video!……

Once a week I stream Rise of the Tomb Raider for the Official XBoneOne UK channel on twitch. I am not sure til this day how I managed to secure this position but it does happen. While streaming this last week, I manage to quickly record my attempt of a high dive. The process to perform the high dive is…jump off the high board and press the left trigger (LT) as you jump/descend. Simple? Well, have a look and you will definitely be in now doubt of my ability!

Sorry if you hear a bit of trolling going on, someone was making fun of my age…think making fun of my playing ability might have been a better option 🙂

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