Into Darkness? Discussing the Star Trek Movie

So, rather than just filling this blog up with posts about me trying to tank in World of Warcraft, I thought I would let you have an insight to my thoughts about the films I watch. Now, before you get excited – these will never be a plain review of the film – more my own unique discussion about them – interested? Then let’s go into the darkness with the second Star Trek Film.


Star Trek will always come second in my order of scientific fiction films – the first, of course, bring Star Wars! However, I have grown to like the concept of Star Trek more and more. The original series with William Shanter are what I grew up with, the Next Generation and Voyager were TV shows which I used to like and the films focusing on both the original cast and the Next Generation have been enjoyable. However, the Star Trek movie with the crew starting on their perilous journeys got me hooked. The first Star Trek film was epic! Coupled with a grand and moving sound track, I really enjoyed it from beginning to end – I was then really looking forward to the second film…what did I think of it? Well I really enjoyed the film and plot line – although there were some points which I think I need to discuss further…here is the unique bit.

  • Can defeat a whole troop of Klingons but can’t defeat Spock?– So Khan, glad to meet him after first seeing in the film – “The Wrath of Khan” appears to be super powered and genetically engineered to take out at least three ships worth of Klingon troops, one of the best soldiers/warriors in the galaxy – Khan even took out the three ships! A truly epic performance. But in the final scenes – he found it difficult to defeat Spock, a mere half human, on what can only be described as a floating dustbin wagon. Are we to believe that Spock can match the genetic engineering which is Khan? Surely this is pushing the point a bit beyond the ‘reality’ of the film – although I was pleased to see the infamous Vulcan Death Grip being used!

  • Good idea about the life support! – So in the final ‘your ship is again dead in the water and you need to discuss for time while you are thinking of a new plan’ scene Khan mentions that instead of destroying the Enterprise (which Spock comments on by stating that Khan would destroy his own family) he would take out the life support since his crew who are still in cryogenic status do not need the life support. If this is the case, and we are to believe Khan’s brutal and unsympathetic intelligence, why bother to discuss the option at all…hasn’t he realised that they are buying for time – just blast the life support – kill the crew and take his family back. It would seem a much effective plan – although not very interesting viewing as the crew slowly suffocates.

  • Kirk lives! – So yes – after a very similar scene from the “In Search of Spock” film, Kirk is resurrected by using some of the extremely powerful regenerative blood of Khan. Took me a while to figure out how they were going to save Kirk since I knew he was going to survive. Does this mean, however, that Bones now has samples of Khan’s blood which he can synthesise using the wonderful on board ship machinery (Earl Grey Tea – hot) in order to bring people back from the dead on a regular basis? Is this the answer to true immortality? Apparently Star Trek 3 is currently being written – if anyone dies I bet that someone suddenly has a tube of Khan’s blood in their pocket – just in case of emergencies like this!

  • A good sign to whether I have enjoyed a film or not is the fact that I will watch it again and I will certainly be viewing Star Trek – Into Darkness again. Although the plot line is a bit shaky at times, it does maintain the feeling of Star Trek throughout and the characters are really enjoyable to watch and seeing develop. Picking up a plot line from one of the previous films was a great idea and I am wondering when we are going to find out why Kirk is allergic to Red Nox 5. Of course, we can all guess what will be happening with Dr Carol Marcus and Kirk in the next film…

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