I’ve been accepted!


A couple of weeks ago I uploaded a personal video about my top 7 values. Probably one of my highest ranking values is acceptance. I probably was never accepted growing up, from my weird apron to my inability to socially interact. However, this week I received some news that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside…

I’m not that big…

In the world of advertising and mega-companies, it is always hard for the smaller people/companies to be seen, let alone grow and flourish. When you look at my Twitch Stream, YouTube Channel, Podcast, Twitter and Instagram, you will instantly become aware that I am not big at all. Averaging only 16 viewers on Twitch last month and getting 13 plays of my podcast I have plenty of room to grow in order to become a player in the ‘big league’.

I might not be big, but you shouldn’t confuse size with passion and commitment. I am completely committed to my channels and projects. Like many of us, I hold down a full-time job in order to finance my content creation activities. This frequently means finishing a long day at work, returning home and grabbing a fresh caffeine intake in order to go live or create a video. And all people see is that fresh-faced, positive and smiling presenter. As I once said in a video – ‘never give up’ – a comment I hold very dearly.

Recognising the small person

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Companies don’t want to invest in the small people’s content. They only get their returns from the big people. I understand this completely but at times it is actually the smaller streams that need the help and support. Because of this I often look for smaller channels to host and pass on my viewers in order to give them that boost.

But this week, I saw a company actually recognise me, a small streamer, and invite me into their fold. I received an email from Gina Bruno, Community Manager for ZeniMax Online Studios, asking me to join the ESO Stream Team!!!

Thank You!

I have been working so hard towards this that I have to admit I had a tear in my eye when I read the email. Even after reading it a second time to make sure I hadn’t miss read it! I’m very nervous about the whole thing. Will I be good enough to remain? Will the other streamers accept me? Will I maintain an acceptable standard? My mind is full of doubt and worries (hate my anxiety at times!) but I am really looking forward to my first stream at part of the ‘team’ this afternoon.

Thank you…

I don’t want to do an Oscar-style speech here, but I do want to say some thank yous.

Thank you to everyone who has come along and supported me on my stream. I value every way you support me, each one of you doing what you can do to help me. Without you all, I would have got to where I am now. You support me both physically and mentally, often giving me the strength and positivity when things get rough.


I would like to finish this blog by sharing some positivity with you all. I have suddenly escalated my content to that of a meg-company. I am still small, still struggling but still committed. So if you are on the same journey as me, hang on in there. Focus positively on each and every achievement no matter how big or small. Don’t focus on the negative (something that I am trying to change) but dwell and wallow in the successes. And most importantly never, ever give up!

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